Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I was home today and all day Bella our retriever would not leave one of the trees in the backyard alone. She kept barking at it and at me. Everytime I went out to her she would run around the tree. I thought she was trying to catch the lizard sunning themselves on the rocks.
Shortly before Jason got home I was outside throwing Bella her ball. She kept running back to the tree and started digging around the base. It was then I realised that the tree was not far off falling over in the wind. The angle it was leaning on meant it would hit the shed. The tree had two trunks stemming from the base and as the wind blew the entire root system was making the ground move.
J arrived home and set to work cutting the tree down so it would fall away from the shed. By this stage the wind was very strong and gusty. J got the first notch in the tree and then went to start cutting on the other side. The gusts of wind were causing the tree to start falling. There was nothing we could do other than watch one of the two trunks fall on the shed. Even though these aren't huge gums they still pack a punch when landing.
Luckily only one of the trunks fell. The other will hopefully be ok until tomorrow when they should be less wing and J will cut it down.
I know now why Bella was hanging around the tree all day. I think she was fascinated with the tree roots making the ground move.
Sad to see my lovely bird house on the ground :(
More wild weather news to come about the local flooding.

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jo said...

A friend of ours in Greendale had 2 big gums fall, one onto their shed and hills hoist!