Thursday, September 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Marnie

Last weekend we went to Marnie's 11th birthday party in the city at Hardrock Climbing. Kady and Leah had a ball rockclimbing all afternoon. J even had a go but spent most of his time Balaying at the base for the kids.

Training wall. Just a small wall to get the feel of climbing and for those belaying at the base of the wall for the kids.  
Leah after the initial training to move onto the bigger walls and safety lessons passed.
Leah and Kady a fair way up the wall.
The wall is 17 metres high so this picture gives you an indication of how high the kids climbed in the pics above. The small person in the far right wall is the birthday girl, Marnie, scaling the wall like spiderwoman.

Great time was had by all. We went back to Marnies house in central Melbourne for some party food before racing home and dropping Kady off to work on the way. Happy birthday Marnie.

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