Saturday, May 26, 2007

What A Week

What a week. A very stressful week. As you know Monday I had my Mammogram. Still waiting for the results of that. I'm not worried about that one as I figure they would have contacted me if there was something bad on the scan. Can I say OUCH. Not as bad as I was thinking it was going to be but certainly not pleasant. The girl that did the imaging was fantastic. She was fast and aware that it may hurt. She told me some women still are tender ten years after surgery!!!!!

Tuesday I went back to the doctor about this dull ache in my right side. I have had it for a month now and the first doctor put it down to muscular pain. It was still annoying me so I thought I would go back to my regular GP (he was away the other time). Well he scared the heck out of me. The ache seems to feel like someone has their fingers under my rib. I notice it more if I am sitting down in the car. Feel like there is a lump in my seat pushing into my back. Not a sharp pain, just there.

My GP told me I needed to have blood tests to rule out bone cancer. He wanted my calcium and phosphate levels checked as well as liver etc to rule out a secondary cancer. He said I could have bone cancer in my ribs. I have never had a bone scan so this was something he was worried about also and felt it should have been done when I was first diagnosed. I had asked my Oncologist, Kate many times during my treatment about it. They had told me the risk was too high for me to have a bone scan due to bringing on secondary cancers after having Chemo and radiotherapy. My GP was going to contact a different radiologist (?) to find out the risk to me.

Wednesday I went for a blood test. Three attempts in my hand and arm and finally she was lucky. The veins kept collapsing and in the end she had to take paediatric size samples. Ouch. She told me my GP would have the results by Thursday.

Thursday I ring my GP only to find he has the day off.

Friday finally I get the results and they are all ok. What a relief. I am seeing the doctor Monday to organise a bone scan as there is minimal risk and he would rather I have it to rule out bone cancer for sure. It will also give them a baseline to go on in the future.

On a happier note.

This owl hangs around at night all the time. I think he is a tawny frog mouth but will have to check. When you approach him he bends forwards and pretends he is a branch. He is huge. Not a good photo as I didn't have time to get a good pic before he flew off.

Not sure I mentioned but Leah bought herself a rat, Lulu a few weeks ago. Slack me hasn't taken a photo yet but will try to do so today.

My Uncle Mick rang me twice from the UK this week. It was nice chatting to him. We both love photography so it's great to chat about that. Wishing him luck with his upcoming hip replacement.

Off to take some local photos today for a local gallery. I have been asked to frame and sell some of my photos from around our area. How cool is that.


sollie said...

I'm so glad the results were fine. Good luck with the bone scan on Monday. Enjoy the weekend.

jilly said...

Dawn, I just can't imagine what a dreadful week you've had!!! Oh...the dreadful! Anxiously waiting to know how you go with the bone scan. ((((hugs)))) from up in Brisbane.

Erica Johnstone said...

It sure has been a stressful week for you Dawn, I am so glad that hte blood tests were fine that is fabulous news! I'll be glad once you have your bonescan - I know it will give you some peace!!!

Gorgeous photos of owl!!!

Anonymous said...

good luck dawn ....fingers crossed mick deb kerry and michelle xxx

Mim said...

oh my goodness just to keep u on your toes,Dawn, all the best, we are thinkin of u

sarah m said...

good Luck with the rest of your results Dawn. What a very stressful week for you..

Take care

rose said...

hope everything goes ok thinking of you lots of love the isted clan xxxxx

judee d said...

Good luck with the bone scan, I have everything crossed.xxxxxxxx
You must have been out of your mind. Keep positive.
I am so glad the blood test were ok. Don't you just hate mamograms, yes they do hurt, but it better safe than sorry. I have heard that it hurts a lot more after surgery.
I have everything crossed.
Keep smiling and healthy