Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Update and Some Layouts

Monday I went to the doctor to organise the bone scan. My blood results were pretty good. Just my white cells were low. He said this could still be due to the effects of chemo. My mammogram results were good also.

Tomorrow I am having my bone scan. They inject something into you which takes about fifteen minutes. Two hours later I have the scan which takes about 45 minutes. My chemo buddy Helen is coming along to keep me company for a little bit.

I have all this week off. My first full weekend in a few months. Looking forward to relaxing. I am working five days next week though so it will be a busy one.

Megan and the trolley. Megan loved Leah's trolley. We gave it to her to take home along with the cash register and basket. I used an antique action on the photo.

Questions taken from Scrapbook Shortcuts for Kady.

Similar type of thing with questions for Leah this time.

My March monthly snapshot page.


Anonymous said...

we are all with you dawn good luck mick deb and co xxxxxxx

~Kathryn~ said...

hope all goes well with the scan dawn
- be thinking of you !!!

rose said...

good luck with your bone scan thinking of you love to you and the rest of the clan love the isted clan xxxxxxxxxxxx

mum said...

every thing will be good Dawn.
Dylan blood tests came back ok, thank goodness for that

Liz said...

Hope everything went well with the scan

sollie said...

Good luck at the scan!!
Love your pages a lot. It's a very good idea to make a page about a month.