Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Katrina Louise

I have been so sad for the last few days. On Friday my chemo buddy Katrina passed away. Katrina, Helen and I supported each other through each chemo treatment and always had the oncology ward laughing their heads off. Katrina was only 31 years old and had soft tissue cancer. She was a great musician and singer and fought a fight that no one should ever have to fight.

Katrina had the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen and the most beautiful smile. Katrina donated her organs and because of this two people have been given a wonderful gift of having a new eye each.

Today Helen and I went to Katrina's funeral. The service was beautiful. It was a very emotional day. Her mother was so happy to see us there. RIP Katrina.


Chris Millar said...

My heart is going out to Katrina's family. How terribly sad. This just hit me a bit hard as my sister is Katrina Louise as well and is exactly the same age. I would be devastated to lose my sister and I just feel so sad for Katrina's family who must be feeling so much sadness right now. Hugs to you too Dawn!

judee d said...

What a strong lady you are Dawn. To face the death of a friend,who also had been through what you went through, but for her not to survive, I understand your sadness. Be strong and know that her pain and torment is over and she is now soaring with big wings looking after all those she cared for, and you are also one of them.
Keep smiling and healthy

Lyn Dwyer said... thoughts are with you girl .....this is such a hard thing for you to go are one gutsy lady and a real inspiration to others........Katrina was so blessed to have known you as you with her......and I agree.....CANCER SUCKS!

sollie said...

OMG, I'm so sorry. It must be so sad to see one of your 'cancer buddies' pass away. I hope you can find support with your family. Katrina must have been a strong woman.

Ann Lederhose said...

oh what a tragedy. So terribly sad. This is a really shitty disease!

mum said...

so sad to hear that Dawn, at least now there is no pain only Sunshine and Rainbows for Katrina.
She will be the wind that blows at night, and the rain on your face.
She will be every where you look.
Not much youger than my mum when she went,so hard to get over something like that.
I thank god every day that you are with us, you are so strong.
You just keep on being strong, your life is just beginning.
I love you, so proud of you.
Hugs and cuddles

rose said...

so sorry to hear about your friend thinking of you love all the isted clan xxxxxxxxx

Shazz said...

sending you a great big hug dawn. i am so very very sorry to hear about the passing of your friend.
i guess all the cliches about "she is in a better place", "she is now living without pain" are all a bit lame so all i will say is....concentrate and focus of the friendship that you and katrina had and how much joy and love and support you gave each other.
bless her soul as it now flies free and bless you too dawn for the friendship and support that you gave your friend xxoo

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hi are you?
Hi Val......your words are so thoughful and kind.....DAWN is lucky to have such a caring the way both of you....have a lovely Mother's Day......we need you back blogging is work going?
AND how's that 'teenager" going?...Is she ruling the roost yet....LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn - Had a look at your blog for the first time today. It is great. I will be back and will leave messages unlike my slack sister. We had great time at Kadys birthday. I hope Jason scrubbed up OK the next morning.