Friday, May 11, 2007

How Time Flies...........................

A very quick catchup. Will update more tomorrow. Not sure where two weeks have gone.

Kady had a very extended birthday week. The Friday before her birthday she had her friends, Indy, Monica and Rachel over for pizza. Monday was THE birthday and Babcia and Djudjal came over after dinner. Djudal pinched lots of Kady's chocolate.

Tuesday I was called into work so that was the end of Tuesday. Wednesday Helen and I went to Katrina's funeral, Wednesday night I worked. Thursday I did housework, Thursday night I worked. Friday I went shopping for Kady's family and friends birthday party. Friday night Jason and I prepared all the food for the party.

Up early Saturday morning and I headed off to work till twelve. Family and friends arrived at one. Jason put on the roasts for me whilst I was at work and set up the shed and a fire to keep everyone warm. We were lucky with the weather. We had a few very light showers (the kids continued to play totem tennis and on the trampoline).

What did we cook???????

Two roast lambs in the Weber with a touch of smoke, roast pork in the oven, four roast chickens (Kathy and Adam picked up three for me from a fab place near where they live that does lovely basting's, and Big Djudak bought a roast chook as well) roast potatoes, roast pumpkin (from Mary and Eddies vegie garden), corn on the cob, peas and gravy. Tossed salad, coleslaw (Mary made), bread rolls and lots of desserts (I cooked cupcakes, did a fruit platter, bought mud cake and birthday cake and family and friends bought lots of other yummy's). The food was yummy. The day was overcast and had the odd very light shower but wasn't too cold.

Master Ethan had to sit on Kady's knee and help with the presents. Isn't he the cutest.

Singing happy birthday. Great Grandparents, Great Uncles, family and friends in the background (these kids Dad's all grew up together).
Miss Megan and Ethan had a few heated moments over this trolley. Considering Ethan is sixteen months older than Megan, she stood her ground when he was trying to pinch it. Megs ended up taking Leah's trolley home to keep (along with the cash register and basket). One happy little girl. mmm now to send many other things over to live at Wendy and Daryl's (sorry Wendy but Megan will love them, you may need a bigger house). To add on the side, I printed this photo with a vintage tone and it's so cute. Just need to scrap it.
Some of the thirty, family and friends.

Aren't the girlies cute. Kady, Megan, Emilie and Leah.

Gwen had a fab time hanging out in Daryl's pocket. I think Daryl, Wendy, Megan and Kathy (well until Gwen peed on her) really liked Gwen. Sorry Kathy. She is cute though you must admit (more news on rat additions to the house later).

Kady's gift from us besides her RAT were what every 13 year old girl wants. CLOTHES (yes Mum I can still remember my jumper and my teen angel t-shirt when I turned thirteen. My gift from you and Dad), she got a few tops, a pair of thongs (the ones that go on your feet for my english relatives, not on your behind) skinny jeans (remember bubblegum or drainpipe jeans well they are back as well as most other things from when I was 16). Gwen (the rat) making her birthday appearance. Kady loves her so much.


mum said...

Looks like you all had fun, I see Lady Kady has one of the tops on that I got her.
Who would not want clothes, took D shopping the other day ended up with not one pair of shoes but 2, he now has more shoes than me.
Got him new singlets pj and trousers and tops and he got mummy a pair of bed socks fluffy ones, she loved them.
He always buys mummy some thing when we go to town.
Tomorrow is Mothers day here in oz, Happy Mothers day to my Mum, and Mother in law, not the same without them.
Will p[lant a tree I think for both of them.
Thanks for the card Dawn, I did text you.
Have a great day tomorrow, I am on a early but hope to be home at one.

sollie said...

I really love that picture where Gwen is in the pocket of your girl!! cute

Lyn Dwyer said...

Great to see you back blogging all the pics of Kady's birthday.....and how cute is Gwen the RAT.......have a lovely Mother's Day today and YOU TOO VAL!

Ruth Clarke said...

Just dropped by to say hi and see how ya doing, Happy Mother's day, happy anniversary and a hip hip horaay to your beautiful DD Kady whom we have seen grow up on the beautiful LO's of your work over the years! Take care, love Ruthy xo

Val said...

Happy mothers day to you Lyn.

rose said...

hi love the pictures looks like you all had a good time thinking of you all ,,not sure about the rat xxxxxxx