Sunday, May 01, 2011

High Tea Party

Kady requested a 'High Tea' party for her 17th this year. After having such a great time enjoying high tea at the Windsor a few weeks ago we began planning her birthday high tea. We had so much fun choosing the menu, the teas and Kady enjoyed setting the table with a variety of our dinner sets, glasses and 'good stuff'.

Here's the table all set up waiting for Kady's guests to arrive.

Fruit punch.

The menu and the tea list. Click to enlarge to read it. We accidently left Creme Brulee off the menu.

Savouries. We had two platters of open sandwiches, quiches, voluvents and mini toasts.

Miss Leah.

Some of the sweets. we bought some ready made Petit Fours from a local bakery. He is an ex pastry chef from the Windsor.

One of the teas. A flower that opens up after steeping in the tea for a bit.

The guests in their formal attire.

Nick and Kady.

They all had such a lovely day. So nice to see teenagers getting all dressed up. We are lucky Kady has such a lovely group of friends.

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