Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thursday April 9th

Ok now don't fall over from shock. Yes I am actually posting. It's been a while. Life has been busy. I will try to slowly work backwards in each post as I have so much that I want to remember.

This week the girls began school holidays. I worked seven days straight last week and trained only two nights at Karate. I have been fighting off a bug I caught from Mum for the last few weeks and have felt very run down. It went to my chest and my throat and for the past two weeks I have had next to no voice. Makes one happy family when Mum is quiet LOL. My croaky voice is finally nearly back to normal.

The first two days of the holidays we hung around home and have taken it easy. I really needed some down time. I have even managed to scrap. Something that I haven't done for a while.

Yesterday we spent the day in Ballarat. Before we left in the morning we received some terrible news that our local church in Ballan had been gutted by fire. We were stunned as we drove past it on the way to Ballarat. Both girls have done their communions/confirmations here.

These pictures are from the Melton Leader newspaper.

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