Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Last Few Weeks

So what's been happening around here the last few weeks.

Kady had a doctors appointment with her hearing specialist. Not the best news. He would like to rebreak her nose (it's been broken a few times as a toddler) and build up the cartlidge as it's all crooked and this is what is causing a lot of her recurring ear infections. He can't do the operation until she stops growing so for now she is on ear drops.

Jason continues working in Ballarat at Ballarat East Secondary. He is a little uncertain as to what job he will have after this one as at this stage there are no more contracts. Sadly a sign of the impeding recession.
I am still working as Lead Ambassador for Fiskars Australia. I love my role with Fiskars. I am also still working at Lake Dewar. The shifts vary, some weeks are a little busier than others.
We are all still loving Karate. Kady has missed a bit the last few months with her few health issues. A few weeks ago we attended Ballan Autumn Festival (28th March). Perfect weather. We took part in the parade and a demonstration.

Jason did his first board break and his second tile break.

Simon did a baseball bat break. Yes a real wooden baseball bat broken with his shin. A few demonstrations back he actually broke two of these.
Kady during the demo. Photos courtesy of Laurence (sorry I don't know his last name). Leah held the banner and I was on the drum during this demo as we were both sick.

Lastly for this post. Best wishes to Tzara (pictured above) who was hit by a car on the Thursday after this demonstration. Tzara is very lucky to be alive after hitting the windscreen of the car and suffering a broken leg and other injuries. Tzara had just recovered from a knee operation and was back training at Karate. Thinking of you.

This weekend we are taking part in the Blackwood Easter Festival

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Ann Lederhose said...

Hello gorgeous lady. Lovely to see you blogging again. I'm in awe of you karate types! And breaking those things! Wow!

Ok, you take care

Ann xx