Wednesday, February 04, 2009

February 4th

I just want to wish my Dad a great birthday. 62 today. Hope you had a fab day. We wish we could be there but have to settle for a few phone calls today. Mum turns the big 60 next week.

Also thinking a lot about my sweet Nanny today who has been gone two years. I miss her more than words can say and think of her daily.

We have had a huge heatwave lately. Temps close to 45 degrees and 40sih for close to a week in a row. It made history of the hottest days in a row since records began. Fires burnt all around Melbourne but thankfully this time we were spared. There were only a few small fires. We did however lose power a few times (along with the rest of Victoria) and had next to no Internet connection on and off due to the intense heat on the roof an satelite dish. We were meant to go ice-skating for Dylan's (Kady's boyfriend) birthday on Sunday but the ice rink was closed due to the heat and not being able to keep it frozen. We ended up in Daylesford having a look around the market and having lunch at a lovely pub. Home to Dylan's for a swim for the afternoon. We had a great afternoon at Dylan's and a lovely bbq dinner.

The swimming turned sour about 9ish on Sunday night. Kady was complaining of pain in her ears. After a few efforts at trying to comfort her and stop the pain we ended up in emergency for 2.5 hours. By the time I had watched her for side effects of an injection they gave her it was 3.30am. Thinking the worst was over and I would get a good nights sleep.

Poor girl woke in agony so it was off to the doctor. I had planned on dropping Leah off to school on the way (first day back to school) but Leah ended up coming along to the doctors too and never made it too school. Kady's pain became unbearable so she was given another injection along with $80 worth of medication to take once we got home. Diagnosis two burst ear drums. The doctor wanted to admit her into hospital and put her on a drip as she was dehydrating fast due to the vomiting. He allowed her to go home to rest and to wait to see how she was.

The afternoon passed with Kady sleeping and with only a little pain and vomiting. Dylan and Debbie dropped by to visit her in the evening and bring pressies (glucose jelly beans, a mini leo the frog and electrolyte icypoles) to make her feel better. They left an about 45 minutes later and Kady went downhill quickly within half an hour, vomiting and in extreme pain. We dropped Leah off at Debbie's for the night and headed to hospital. They put Kady on a drip as by this stage she was very dehydrated and also very anxious with about all the needles.

They gave her another injection to stop her feeling nausuous but it took hours to work. We left after one. The nurse gave her some Valium to relax her. She hadn't had much sleep in a few days. J and I drove home to the sound of something not quite right in the engine of the car.

Part two and a catchup tomorrow.


rose said...

hope kady is feeling better now love to you all xxx

lusi said...

Hi dawn,
Just dropping by to check you are ok with all the fires down in vic mate. Hope Kady is feeling better too.
Thinking of you and sending my love,
Lusi x

annette said...

Same as Lusi Dawn, just checking to make sure you guys are ok with the fires, thinking of you all, stay safe. Ax

Mardi said...

Just popping in to check on you and say hello....take care..
Mardi x