Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trying to slot the days into order here. Working backwards.

I must say Christmas came around way to fast this year. For the first time in years I wasn't really prepared. No pressies, no cards sent out, no baking until the first few weeks into December. Very disorganised and very unlike me.

Once again we put our tree up at the start of December. J spent a ridiculous amount of time untangling the lights for the tree this year. The girls and I decorated the tree. J continued to work on the lights. Let's just say next year the lights have been put away so they will never tangle again and cause such headaches. The tree looked pretty special with it's lights twinkling. This year was Leah's turn to put the star on top of the tree.

November/Mid December

- Kady went to Wandin with Dylan and Debbie to watch Dylan compete

- parent teacher interviews

- I had a Spotlight Demo at Ballarat

- Leah went ten pin bowling and to see Madacasgar 2 for her end of year break up.

- Indian cooking class with Asha. Debbie and Mary came with me. We had a ball cooking yummy recipes. I always love Asha's cooking classes.Came home and made Budgies (not the correct spelling) later in the week. Yum.

- 4th December I had an oncology checkup. I saw Kate Hamilton and she was pleased with my progress and physical examination. Kate was happy with the weight I have lost and gave me clearance to continue with Karate. I was a little worried as I have many blood clots in my right arm from my first two treatments of chemo. They are considered to be in the tiny veins in my arm and shouldn't be a problem when punching and blocking at karate.

- Kady and I along with Dylan and Debbie (Dylan's Mum) began Rock N Roll classes this month. Lots of fun. Dylan has done Ballroom dancing/Latin American dancing for a number of years so is quite good. Debbie has also done a bit of rock n roll so Kady and I have a bit of catching up to do.After a few classes the instructor Brian has asked Kady and Dylan to do competition dancing in 2009.

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