Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday Kady

Today my gorgeous girl turns 15.

The last year has been an amazing year of growth for Kady. She has had a few battles to deal with and some things to work through and has done an amazing job learning to handle her anxiety and fears. She has become a much stronger person.

Over the past year Kady has become even more focused on her school work. Her dream was to become a Forensic Scientist in the Police Force but due to her ear/hearing problems she has decided to follow her second love of becoming an Architect. During the school holidays she met the young Architect that works for Jason and has already lined up her work experience with their large company in the city.

The last year also saw Kady move from her black stage to her pastel stage LOL. She still loves her black clothing but wears a greater variety of colours now.

Happy birthday Darl. We love you heaps and are so proud of you.

Kady received her pressies from us last night. It's our tradition with the girls if your birthday is on a school day you get to open your presents the night before. We started this when the girls were little so that Jason got to enjoy watching them open their gifts.

Here are a couple of blurry pics from last night. Kady received the Lord Of The Rings collectors boxed trilogy and clothing including a couple of jumpers, a gorgeous scarf (she needs it as winter has already arrived), a Twilight T-shirt and her favourite a Cry Baby (Johnny Depp) T-shirt.

Tonight we are going out for dinner with Mary, Eddie, Simon, Debbie and her boyfriend Dylan. This weekend all the family are coming over for more birthday celebrations. I have been busy cooking finger food all week. We will have hot finger food, open sandwiches, cheese and fruit platter and of course birthday cake. I will probaby make a couple of pots of different soup for those that stay for dinner.

The open sandwiches I make look similar to the pic above. I usually do salmon with lettuce and capers, beef with lettuce, wholegrain mustard and tomato, chicken and avocado, ham with tomato and chutney, salami with gherkin and tomato, turkey with lettuce and cranberry and a few other varieties as well as some with prawns etc. These are done on diagonally slice french sticks. They look awesome and everyone loves them.
Other news, Jason is working over in Broadmeadows looking after a job now. It means an hour and a 1/4 driving to get there and a little longer coming home.
Leah began her Grandbuddies program at the local hostel with the school. Her Grandbuddy is Marjory and she is 96 years old. Leah loves her. They go once a week to visit. They had to ask their buddies different questions. One of them was about best friends. Marjory told Leah that her best friend had died the week before and they had been best friends for 83 years old (since they were 13) Wow. I just find that amazing. I think it's a fantastic idea for the kids to have a Grandbuddy program.
Leah's school turns 150 years old this year. I am contemplating whether or not to join the commitee.
Kady has a hearing test next week to see how much damage has been done to her hearing since both her eardrums burst in February.
We all have a Karate grading coming up in May. We are all going for our senior red belt.
Last night was our coldest night for a while. It hit zero and we had our first frost of the season. The fire has been burning non stop. I ordered gas at the beginning of the week for the gas heaters as well. I think we are in for a cold winter.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday kady...from uncle mick auntie deb michelle ans kerry have a good day xxxxx

rose said...

can we come to tea xx so glad u are updating your blog now love reading it love to u all xxx

Elie Smith said...

Happy birthday Kady you look beautiful love reading your blog Dawn love the sandwiches too look so yummy

Paula... said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kady - I'm sure you had a great day and follow-on celebrations :)

I think the cold has only really hit the past few days - we put our heater on for the first time three nights ago and boy did it stink the house out LOL