Saturday, October 11, 2008

We loved Silverton. Silverton is pretty much a ghost town these days in comparison to years ago when it was a thriving mining town. It was so hot here. We stopped at the Silverton Hotel and had a cold beer and checked out all the movie memorbilia on the walls of the pub. A replica of the Interceptor from Mad Max is in front of the hotel.

Many films, tv commericials and advertising brochures have been filmed and photographed here. Commercials are filmed every few months and there are way to many to name.

We took a walk around the town and checked out all the historial buildings. There are a lot of artists that reside in Silverton. Check out the width of the streets.

Some of the films made in and around Silverton.

Dirty Deeds - 2001Mission Impossible II - 1999 The Missing - 1998 Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - 1993 Reckless Kelly - 1991 Roral Flying Doctor Service (TV) - 1991 The Water Trolly - 1989 As Time Goes By - 1987 Dirtwater Dynasty (miniseries) - 1987 A Place to Call Home (tv) - 1986 The Blue Lightning (TV) - 1986 Alice to Nowhere (TV) - 1985 Comrades - 1985 The Long Way Home - 1984 Razorback - 1983 The Camel Boy -1983 The Slim Dusty Movie - 1983 Hostage - 1982 A Town Like Alice (miniseries) 1981 Max Max II - 1981 The Golden Soak - 1978 The Battle of Broken Hill (Miniseries) - 1971Girl in Australia - 1970 Wake in Fright - 1970

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Paula... said...

LOL that Mad Max car must be a permanent feature! Although was down her in Little River last weekend for the Back 2 the Max reunion.

We love Silverton too - does Peter Brown still have his gallery there?