Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 3

Packed up camp and did the drive tour around Kinchega Homestead and the main Menindee Lakes. Lots of emus and kangaroos. The kangaroos had dug out little holes on the roadside to lay in the sun in. Next stop was Kinchega Woolshed. A lovely old woolshed.

We had a quick picnic lunch at Copi Hollow. This was full of water (Broken Hills, town drinking water) before driving through Broken Hill , 110kms away to Silverton (24kms out of Broken Hill). This road was bitumen all the way to Broken Hill. We arrived in Broken Hill and it was a lovely 33 degrees. After travellling over 900 kms we crossed into the central time zone and put our watches back half an hour.

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Paula... said...

Oooh love the big old woolshed - we haven't visited this one LOL