Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mundi Mundi Plains not far out of Silverton were amazing. You could see the curvature of the earth in all directions. You reach this lookout and then it just drops away to flat vastness. This is where they filmed the movie 'Mad Max' and many other movies and ads.

Camels, and more camels along the roadside. There is a camel farm in Silverton so they have probably come from there. There were no fences, they just roamed.

Also quite a few horses along the roadside. All different colours. This one was taken as we drove by.

We headed back into Broken Hill to set up camp at the Lake View Caravan Park and do some shopping for meat and fresh fruit and veg before we headed outback. We didn't have the greatest nights sleep in Broken Hill. Lots of noise, cars doing burnouts and dogs barking all night. The caravan park had great facilities.

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