Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Catchup

Other news

Mary my MIL had her foot operation on Monday. All went well and I think she was ready to kick a football when we rang her. Hopefully she still felt that way once the pain meds wore off.

We are off to see her on Saturday with a basket of goodies. I have bought her a huge variety of mags to keep her occupied and will add some fruit and other things into the basket. She will have to take it easy for a bit so that will be hard for her as she never stops.

Wednesday I had to go to see the Osteopath about my back once again. Hoping this might be the last time for a bit. Still got some nagging pain but at least I can move compared with late last week. After Osteo I caught up with Paula and Erica and we swapped photo cd's from the retreat (Tracey I got yours today in the mail).We had a cuppa and a quick lunch.

After lunch I decided I was in desperate need of a haircut. My first in a long time. In just five months my hair was a good couple of inches long and getting so wild and curly.

Now all my curls are gone. I have a Cathy Z style hair cut. Not sure I would have been that brave a year ago but I got the hairdresser to cut a good inch off all over and I love it. So easy to look after. Might let it grow longer. I like the messy look. Also got my first pot of wax. Mum you will be proud of me lol mmm also had my eyebrows waxed whilst I was getting rid of unwanted hair. You really all needed to know that now didn't you.

After the kids got home from school I took Kady down to the doctors to have her allergy injection. She is having a few problems with heartburn/reflux again so is back on tablets.

I had to see the doc regarding the blood clots in my veins from chemo on my lower arm. He is happy to leave them for now. I also had this weird lump that has appeared on the top of my wrist on my left hand. I used this arm heaps when I had my picc line in and really stressed my wrist. The lump is a gangalion. These come from synovial fluid leaking from a joint. If it gets larger the doctor wants to remove it surgically. mmmmm lets hope it doesn't. Have had enough done over the last year.

Today was my six month checkup with Radiotherapy. It only seems like yesterday I had my last radio. I found radio a breeze. I took in a heap of mags to put in the waiting room. The men literally jumped on the fishing and 4w4 mags I left there. There are so many girly mags but not a lot for men. Will drop more in later in the year. Saw Dr See who is as lovely as ever. He examined me. I have some thickening of the skin under the breast and some fluid build up which is all normal. He said it may settle down over time but it may remain the same.

Good news is that instead of seeing him in 6 months he said I have recovered so well he doesn't need to see me for a year.

After radio, I caught up with my chemo buddy Helen. She is looking beautiful. So healthy and a head full of curls. She has coloured her hair and just looks radiant. Helen is still going through Herceptin but is doing well. We had lunch and a cuppa where her daughter Cassey works. Thanks for lunch Helen.

Ok I THINK I have caught up. Can't believe my Dad has been home a week already. Naughty bugger drove straight through as there was no accomodation in Narrabri or Goondiwindi due to Cotton Conferances or something similar.


Kathy said...

I have a ganglion - have had it for years. You don't need it cut out unless it bothers you. I have hit mine accidentally a few times and it just completely disappears but comes back agin.

mum said...

I had a small one my wrist when I had the carpekk tunnel done last year it went away.
I love that teapot place must go there next time.
Glad every thing went well dawn at your check up.
I went for my yearly mamagram on tuesday, waiting for the results now.
The lady that did my test had breast cancer, her hair used to be stright as a dye, now she has the most curly hair like a perm I said that is what yours is like, she wished you well.
And to think I kept all my pots of wax for you.
I have booked my uk trip , and paid for my travel insurance, now feeling a bit scared of going never been that far without dad, I am on holidays for 2 weeks, and this first week I have been so sick, dont know what is going on I went to the docs 2 weeks ago to see if I needed any needles and had to have a tetnus and have not felt well since.
Maybe I am stressed out about trip it is scarey.

Petrina McDonald said...

You have been busy!
And while we are all confessing to having a ganglion I will raise my hand too :-)
Mine is from doing too many handstands as a kid!!!!
Glad to hear all went well with your radiation check-up.
Love, P

Anonymous said...

i had one dawn when i was a teenager ( bloody long time ago) thought i would get that in i accidently hit it and it went glad to here all went well with you raiation xxx mick

rose said...

can we have a picture on here of your hair style xxx

Jude said...

I had a gangalion as a teenager too - can't remember when it vanished but haven't seen it for a long time. The old treatment was to bash it with the family bible - makes it go away! But yes as the girls said - if it doesn't bother you let it be. If they op it there is also (from memory) a fairly decent chance of it regrowing anyway.