Thursday, August 16, 2007

Flying Teapot Cafe

Before Paula, Erica, Tracey and I headed off to the retreat we stopped in at the Flying Teapot Cafe in Ballan. Being local, I have been here a few times and love the atmosphere. If you ever get the chance to stop and look make sure you do. It's a one of a kind.

The cafe has plenty of rooms to spread out to sit, read, drink a cuppa or eat a light meal. The teapot house was originally created by a local artist and features many mosaic creations within the garden and fencing. A few years ago when it was still a private residence I took a number of photos here of my girls.

The cafe now has extended the trend and has a real retro feel inside. Lots of goodies to send you back in time.

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Paula (poncho) said...

I just love this place - the atmosphere was fantastic and it brought back so many memories for me with it's "antique" bits and pieces.