Monday, July 16, 2007

Weather Forecast

Just got in from work tonight and thought I would check the weather forecast.

The next two days are going to be cool. The wind has picked up tonight. Looking forward to some snow. Hoping it settles but very unlikely. Love the cold weather as much as I love the heat. It's nice seeing the seasons change.

Weatherzone says

Tuesday Rain areas extending eastward during the morning. Showers to follow with isolated thunderstorms and hail. Snowfalls extending down to about 500 metres (we are 680 metres) later in the day.

Wednesday Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Isolated hail and thunder and snow above 500 metres gradually contracting to the higher ranges. Cold, gusty south to southwesterly wind.

Stormchasers says

TUESDAY 17/7/07...Cold and cloudy with showers tending to rain and drizzle at times, fresh occasionally strong north/northwest winds tending northwest to southwest later, rain/drizzle tending to showers occasionally frequent, showers turning to sleet and snow overnight over the higher central ranges with brief snow across lower settled areas a risk. MIN TEMPS 1 to 3°C MAX TEMPS 4 to 6°C lowering towards 0 to 3c later in the day. Increasing wind chill conditions.

WEDNESDAY 18/7/07...Very cold with showers falling as rain/sleet/snow and hail at times, strong southwest winds and high wind chill, icy patches about the hill roads mainly morning. a few sunny breaks in the afternoon. MIN TEMPS -2 to 0°C MAX TEMPS 3 to 5°C.

Looks like we are in for some very cool weather. I read that this is the coldest winter in ten years. I think we have forgotten what it is like to have a cool winter.

Looking forward to Erica and Paula coming up for a coffee tomorrow morning. Missed out on our holiday get together with all the girls and our kids.

Edited to add. OMG check out the minimum temps forecast for the weekend in our area.

SATURDAY 21/7/07...Early low cloud/fog and frost areas, light winds a few sunny periods later in the day. MIN TEMPS -4 to -1°C MAX TEMPS 6 to 8°C.
SUNDAY 22/7/07...Cold early with frost and a few icy road patches, then fine and sunny with freshening north winds. MIN TEMPS -5 to -2°C MAX TEMPS 6 to 8°C

Better buy some thermal underwear at this rate.

Off topic.

Uncle Pete and Rose, J loved your birthday card (It took 13 days to get here). Peed himself laughing. He said he can tell that you guys love him so much lol Perfect. Oh and he says Pete watch out as your time will come (insert evil laughter lol) mmmm Better wind up your windows.


sollie said...

We are having summer here but I guess the weather doesn't know it's summer. It has been cold, like 18 °C abd that's too cold.

rose said...

we will be ready for you anytime you would like to pop over ,,your post is getting bad over there might have to start posting them month in advance ,,thought jay would like the card love to you all from the isted clan xxxxxxxxx

uncle pete said...

hi...dawn would you like some of our rain we have had a months rain in 2 and a half hours...