Sunday, July 15, 2007


The first week of holidays flew by. I worked Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Thursday I looked after a fellow workmates kids (she looked after Kady and Leah on Wednesday). Thursday morning it snowed. A cold windy day.

Friday I drove the girls to visit some friends whilst I went to work. Jo and her family moved about 18 months ago and were staying at her brothers house about 25 minutes from us, for a few days so it was great catching up with them.

Saturday I took the girls to a local shopping centre. They had money from their confirmations to spend. Kady bought two pretty rings, some clothes and an x-box game, Leah bought a silver heart locket, a ring, a littlest pet shop game and an x-box game.

Sunday we went to Megan's second birthday. We had a great day. She loved all the pressies and attention.

Wendy made Megan's birthday cake. Megan loved it. Time to blow out the candles.

Megan with her new baby.

Djudjal reading Megan's new book (from Auntie Cassi) to Megan, Leah and Kady.

Megan with Dad. Check out the legs.
Kady and Leah.

Monday Uncle Michael came out of hospital after his hip replacement. He is still a little sore but doing fine. It was great to get an email from him saying he was home.
This was the day I also managed to get the Navara a little bogged. To be exact I had two tyres off the side of the road and due to all the rain we have had the side of the road sank. I didn't dare move it as it was on a very steep hill on the way to Leah's friends place and I am still learning how to drive a manual again lol. Luckily three guys concreting came to my rescue and managed to get the car very very bogged lol whilst trying to get it back on the road. They had to tow me out as the car was in danger of slipping into a gully on the side of the road. I think they were a little embarrassed that they made it so much worse. Later I learnt that six other friends had the same happen to them over the last six weeks due to the rain.
Kady's friend Indy came over for the day whilst Leah was playing at Emma's.
Tuesday Jason turned 37. Poor guy had to work even though he was meant to have an RDO. Mary came over for dinner.
Thursday the girls had a great time hanging out with school friends from down the road.
We spent a much quieter week this week. It was nice to not do too much. I spent Thursday going through old bills and receipts and burnt the equivalent of a couple of trees. Remind me to get rid of stuff like this more often. Friday I woke up with the head cold from hell. Still suffering.
The girls are back at school tomorrow. The holiday's flew by so quickly.
Sure I have missed out heaps. Trying to type it all out for myself for later on.

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