Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Week

has flown by.

Last Thursday I had an Oncology appointment. All went well. No news is good news. I don't have to go back for three months. My Oncologist told me I am cured and not considered to be in remission. He said it may come back at some stage but for now I have the all clear. Pretty cool hehehe. Still have to wait five years after diagnosis to be considered much safer though.

My hair is growing fast. I have tight curls at the back. They have a mind of their own. The longer my hair gets the curlier the bottom becomes. Now the lengths on top are starting to curl too.

Worked last Friday but had the weekend off. Bliss.

Saturday, Jason went fishing with Adam, in Adam's new boat out on the bay. They didn't have much luck so no fish for dinner that night. He had a ball though.

Sunday we pottered around home. J started building my hot house down beside the veggie garden. Looking forward to growing some tomatoes in there for summer. Tomatoes just don't grow well up here. This will help extend our growing season.

Been busy planning for when my cousin Miche and her man Lee come over to stay. They will be in Australia for about five months and staying with us for two weeks. We are planning on taking them on a camping trip down Great Ocean Road, over to Mt Gambier and then back through the Grampians. Hopefully we will stay four nights (two in Mt Gambier region). If anyone has any must see places please let me know. We are so excited and can't wait to see them.

We are busy selling two of our cars. The 4 runner and the Commodore. Hopefully someone buys them soon.

My friend Sandra is in hospital battling lung cancer. Sandra isn't doing too well at the moment and is pretty drugged up on painkillers etc. Thinking of you Sandra.

Caught up with Paula and Erica on Tuesday. I had to sort out some class stuff for the Florewen Scrapbooking Retreat so we had a coffee and lunch.

The last two days I have been busy working on my latest Top Ten for Scrapbook Creations. Wow this one is a beauty. So much talent. I can't wait for the issue to come out in a few months.

Happy birthday today to my SIL Kathie.


mum said...

So glad that all went well for you Dawn,made me feel so happy.
I bet you are so glad another load of of your shoulders.
It will be so nice to see lee and mich again, the time has gone so fast since they were here.
This time 2 years ago when they came, I had that wog with the vometing and bad tummy I had it for nearly 2 weks, have never felt that sick.

Chris Millar said...

They must be the best words to hear Dawn!!! Fantastic news!

jilly said...

CURED!!!!! That is BRILLIANT!!! You are such a clever cookie Dawn! I'm over the moon for you!

Kathy said...

Great news Dawn!! Was thinking of you today as I had my mammogram!
Would love to see a photo of your hair now - especially the curls!

rose said...

good news dawn .lets have a photo of you on here with your curly hair ,pete and mick still laugh about going fishing with jay ,will ,and tony they had a good day love the isted lot xxxxxxxxxx

Ann Lederhose said...

Dawn, what fantastic news. I'm so happy for you! I hope you are having a celebration!

Paula said...

OK so I didn't the curls the other day, might have to look a little closer next time LOL. You certainly have a busy week TGIF is all I can say :)

Enjoy your weekend :)

Lyn Dwyer said...

That's great news DAWN!
So pleased for you....hope the cars sell soon!
Have a great time at the RETREAT......all the best with your class....I know it will be great!

sollie said...

I'm so happy to hear that your check up went OK. It must be hard to have those check ups as you never know what they will see. I'm crossing my fingers for you, sweetie!

Petrina McDonald said...

I guess that is one of the best phrases that you could hear "you are cured of cancer". What wonderful news!

Lynn said...

Dawn, I can't tell you how happy I am with your news. You my friend are a fighter and an inspiration to me. God bless you sweetie.
Love Lynn
PS - can't wait to see those curls :)

Jude said...

Some great news there Dawn!
I lived in Mt Gambier as a kid. I know you will take them to see the blue lake but don't forget that the valley lakes are great for a picnic (great playground for the kids too). Umphersten (check spelling) are pretty amazing too as well as the cave gardens in the middle of town.

Dee Sutton said...

Hey there Dawn,
so fab to here your news. I am pleased things are going so well.

Oh, and places to see...for your cousin and yourselves...The coorong is amazing, and just past portland is a petrified forest, and it so kewl, like walking on the moon. Kids loved it too.