Saturday, August 04, 2007

Crowded House

Finally updating. All the emails asking me to post, have prompted me. Been a little quiet as I have hurt my back.

I dragged myself into work last night in so much pain. My boss sent me home. I suffer with back problems but nothing like this. The pain is so bad that nothing takes it away. My boss told me not to come in all weekend. Just to rest and get better. I am going to the Florewen Scrapbooking Retreat next weekend where I work. I am teaching a class, doing a make and take and also managing the lodge whilst my boss is away. A full on weekend. Starting Friday arvy till Sunday night. looking forward to getting a little scrapping in as well.

Tonight we watched SBS with Australia's Greatest Albums. They featured Crowded House. I love them so much. Jason's first concert he ever went to was to see them play in Melbourne. How cool is that. Love all their music and love Split Enz. I really NEED there new album. I still remember watching their final show on TV.

Crowded House's drummer Paul Hester is buried not far from where we live in the local cemetery. His family all live in one of our local towns,Blackwood. We were only at the cemetery a few weeks ago and saw his grave. Very sad.

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