Saturday, June 09, 2007

Check Out The Boys

in my backyard this morning before I headed off to work. They are so beautiful. Love to look out the window and see these guys grazing in the back yard. Three BIG boys. They look small in the photo but when they stand up they are well over six feet tall.

In the nearly four years we have lived here we have NEVER seen a female roo. The roo in the top photo on the right (near Leah's hula hoop) had some skin injuries that were still healing on his upper left leg. Looks like he got caught in a fence Not long after I took these photos they jumped the barbed wire fence in one smooth bound and hopped away. They will tolerate a little photography but not for long.

We also had a fox in the front yard tonight. A lean mangy looking thing. Not worried at all about being caught out slinking across the yard.


sollie said...

OMG, do they live in your garden??? I love kangeroo's but we only have them in the zoo here, haha.

Anonymous said...

you want to come to our place for foxs dawn every night the security light goes on and there is always a fox or badger outside xx

Beck Family said...

WOW, that is so cool!! Kennedy is sleeping right now and I can't wait to show her this picture in the morning.