Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Big Squeeze

I can't believe it's nearly 11 months since I first found my lump. It honestly feels a lifetime ago. The year has flown by but at the same time it's been the longest year ever.

Lately I have been stressing a little. I think it's not being around the doctors all the time. Treatment has finished. Friends have passed away that I went through chemo with, others have been told that they are terminal and some have been recently diagnosed. Life no longer revolves around the hospital.

Other news. I worked most of the weekend. Next weekend is looking the same. I love the job I am doing at the moment.... Kitchen hand...... Now considering I went through Uni and worked as a Food Technologist for years I am loving what I am doing. Where I work we have so many different groups come through and use our facilities. All walks of life, religions, craft groups, schools etc It is so interesting meeting all of the people.

Tomorrow I have my mammogram. I am so not looking forward to the big squeeze.

My first since just before I was diagnosed. I am still tender from my operation. I never thought 11 months on I would still have discomfort. If I over do it I get quite sore. My upper arm is still quite numb from my lymph node removal. I do have much more feeling from when I was operated but I have next to no feeling in my armpit and maybe 60% feeling at the back of my upper arm. On the up side hardly any underarm hair has regrown lol. There always has to be a positive.

Busy week up ahead. We have had some lovely rain. More showers predicted but we will believe it when it shows in the rain gauge. Kady and Leah have been having their weekly confirmation workshops. Next month Leah does her communion and confirmation and Kady does her confirmation. They both have to choose a name. Leah is leaning towards Charlee but I don't think it's a biblical name lol

Over the last few weeks I have planted my winter veggies in the veggie patch. We have, cauliflower, cabbage, pak choi, Chinese broccoli, another type of broccoli similar to broccolini, two different kinds of climbing peas, capsicum and chillies (from the summer), brown and white onions, spring onions (still from the summer), asparagus that is approaching the one year mark and spinach. Hoping the rain over the last week and the mild temps will help everything grow.

It's colder here tonight. The wood fire is stoked and it's lovely and warm inside. Currently 8.1 degrees. Next week snow is predicted on the snow fields. Tomorrow snow is predicted to 1000 metres. We are at 700 metres. Typical to Victorian weather we go from warm to cold overnight.

My brother rang tonight. Love this guy and love hearing how his family are going. Wished we lived closer.

Hope everyone has an awesome week. Stop by and leave a comment.


rose said...

good luck with your mammogram ,stop stressing and try and relax ,,love reading your bits and looking at the pictures love to you all from the isted clan xxxxxxx

mum said...

Good luck for today Dawn, I am sure every thing will be good.
Yes it is so nice to hear from Tony, I love this man to bits as well, dont see him as much as we should do.
I think we are so busy working.
My Sister Sharon texted me yesterday I sure do miss her, and all of my family, wish we did not live so far away.
Was hopeing to go over to uk in July, but now that both ears are so bad, the doc said no flying, got so depressed over that, I am never going to see my family again.
Wish they all couls afford to fly over here.

Lyn Dwyer said...

I hate mammograms too DAWN.....last time I was so sore afterwards.....they did a double take....anyway.....take glad you are enjoying your's funny how life changes door closes and another opens.....little windows of opportunity.....

Erica Johnstone said...

Far out Dawn has it been 11 months, you have done such a wonderful job getting thru it all -I think you are amawing!!

It must be so difficult losing such dear friends - I hope that you are ok! All the best for tomorrow - I hate mammograms myself, I think they are super uncomfortable.

Your vegie patch sounds brilliant and the rain has been fantastic today!!

I am think about you matey and can't wait to cath up with you again soon.

sollie said...

I hope the mammogram goes well. I'll cross my fingers for you, sweetie.

Beck Family said...

Hi, how have you been? I read you blog and I know how you are feeling. As much as I enjoy not going to the doctor's every day; I also get a little worried. I feel like if I keep going, then the cancer will stay away longer. I guess we just have to get used to not being in waiting rooms. You really need to stop stressing...the cancer is gone!!!! You have been through too much for it not to be gone. Just think of everything you have overcome this are my hero and I am so proud of you!! As soon as you find out that everything is fine, then you will feel much better. I hope you find out soon. Kennedy decided that writing a letter was faster than typing it. It is not very long but at least it is something that Leah can find in the mailbox. I have to work tomorrow, so I will send it on Wednesday.

I miss you. Life seems to be getting back to normal and I can't seem to find time to write as much as before. I guess I should be happy that life is back to normal, but I do miss our long letters.

You look great in all the photos. My hair is...hold on… I am going to measure it...It is 4.5cm at the longest point. I had my girlfriend put highlights in it the other day. I couldn't see spending $50 to have a beautician dye 3 cm of hair. I think it turned out great and it only cost me $6 to do it myself.

Love you lots and I am glad you are doing well. Love, Valerie