Sunday, April 01, 2007

Radiotherapist Update

Dr See was happy with how my skin has coped with radiotherapy. I have no visible signs of radio on my boob at all. TMI I know lol. My skin looks great. It really doesn't get much better than that. My scar has healed beyond all my expectations.

After working seven days straight I was feeling sore. Dr See wasn't overly happy about me overdoing things. According to the doc I am quite swollen still. I really didn't think I was but the bra marks are tell tale signs on one side. I feel swollen below my breast on my ribs. Actually feel like someone has hit me with a stick lol. I am working tomorrow night and one shift next week. Taking it easy for a bit.

Dr See was really happy with how I have coped with radiotherapy. I will go back in August for a check up adn then due to having a history of Lupus I will have to see him for another 18 months. He told me I am NORMAL. What a lovely thing to hear. I am the standard patient.

Whilst I was waiting in the waiting room. As you do lol. The social worker came up to me and told me they had lost all my paperwork to claim my fuel for the trip to and fro to radio. So it all had to be filled out again. mmmm fun NOT. Not that I stand a chance to get a rebate due to being 2kms out.

After radio I caught up with my chemo buddy Helen. We had a lovely cuppa and lunch together. Helen is looking so good. She can't believe I am going hat less. She is still wearing a scarf. It's been over a month now since I ditched the hats. I am amazed at how fast my hair is growing back (had a lady at work the other day hug me and congratulate me for doing the big shave lol. had to explain I did the real thing). My hair is still a little thin on top but thicker on the sides and back, whereas Helen's is thick on top and thin on the sides and back. I have no real curls so far, just a few kinks at the back. I really don't think my hair will be curly. Was hoping for a bit of a wave. Still a very strange mousy brown colour.

Helen had a bit of bad news. Another chemo buddy Monique has been told they can't do anymore for her. The third buddy in a few weeks. Truly sucks doesn't it. It is so unfair. I feel so guilty that I am ok for now and they're not.


mum said...

So Happy that things went well for you at your check up.
Just dont over do it, you are a bit like me always on the go, feel like life is passing me by if I dont keep busy.
I am on my 5th early and have one more to go, getting up at 4 00 every morning sucks, this morning I was awake at 3 30 so got up.

~Kathryn~ said...

hey dawn
glad you got good news from the doc - but listen to him nad DONT over do it

Lyn Dwyer said...

Great news DAWN........don't over do it just because you feel ok....remember to 'listen to your body'........hi Val(((( waving)))))...I had to listen to my body yesterday....after a couple of very busy body was very tired......needed the 'Nana nap' made all the difference!

Allison said...

I just stopped by to say I love your header... the pic is precious. Hope you don't mind but I think I will stop by your blog regually

judee d said...

Hi Dawn,
Cancer sucks, but don't you feel guilty that you are ok. That is the luck of the draw. You worked really hard during you illness and you have stayed positive throughout, you deserve to be well. Not that I am saying the others deserve it but maybe they just didn't find it early enough or as I said the luck of the draw. Don't overdo things.
Listen to you body.
Keep smiling and Healthy


mum said...

Cancer does suck, but dont you dare feel guilty about being well.
I want you around for a very long time, could not inmagine our life with out you in it.
You have been there and done that and you have come through a stronger person, and you have done so well so proud of what you have done.
Love you more than anything in th eworld.
Keep smiling, and be happy.
My mum would have been so proud of you, she loved you so much there was no one like her Dawny.
She would be looking down and blowing you big kisses.

linda said...

dawn good to see everything is going well for you give our love to everyone you take care give our love to the girl love from linda logie clan

deirdre said...

So pleased that everything is going well for you Dawn, congratulations. Take it easy and heal well.
Hope to see you at the next crop for a cure that scrappers warehouse are having, would love to see you at the Florewen retreat too :)
Dee Heath