Friday, April 06, 2007

Crop For Kids,Good Friday Appeal

It was great catching up with Coby, Sarah and Jude. Sorry if I miss out anyone. The aim of the crop was to raise $10 000 for the Royal Children's Hospital for the Good Friday Appeal.

We had the BEST day ever. I managed to nearly finish four pages (a feat I can tell you as I am so slow). Will take a pic tomorrow of the layouts.

I just want to say, Wendy, Dunk, Sarah and Lyn, you all did the best job. Wendy, your man is one in a million although I think my J would be up there with him. I am looking forward to going back next year. I bought home so many goodies. A great set of alphabet stamps from the trash and treasure for $8, a lucky dip of goodies (cost me $10) but worth heaps more, and to win two raffles (virtually one after the other) was unbelievable. I chose two Sissey monthly kits valued at $140.

Paula and I were happy to see our creations auctioned off in the silent auction. Paula did the most awesome frame that went for $40 odd dollars but worth so much more, my canvas went for $35. It was a pleasure to be a part of something so worthy. The Royal Children's have cared for both my girls so many times when they were little.

Paula thanks so much for driving and being the most wonderful friend. I got home at 7.40pm (left at 7.15am) and J had cooked dinner, Erica, I am so glad you came along (after the horrible week you have had). It was such a great day. I feel like I scrapped more than I have done in ages. Very therapeutic for me. So nice to have a me, girly day.

Paula, Lyn, Me, Erica and Wendy. POS girls.
The fabulous committe posing with Jonathon Creek from Today Tonight. These girls and guy (Dunk is hiding behind Jonathon) did a fab job with organising this event in such a short time span.
Dodgy pic taken with my mobile phone from way over the back when they were filming. On the live telecast our table was on the edge of the filming. They didn't pan our side of the hall.
Great cause. I can see how much work went into making this happen. So many fab businesses and individuals donating goodies to help make it an awesome day. THE BEST CROP I have ever been too.


sollie said...

It's great to see that the crop went fantastic!! Can't wait to see the LO's you made. They will be lovely like always. Enjoy the Easter Weekend, Isolde

mum said...

Good on you Dawn, sounds like it was a great day.
All the girls sound so nice and are such good friends.
I agree, not many men like our J, he is a good soul.

Jude said...

note - I am delurking here lol

it was great to catch up again and you are looking so well. Unfortunately as my baby (aka top50) was having problems I didn't scrap as much as I would like but I did one and a half (1 up til 4pm and the other in the last hour - just finished it now)! Hope they continue to run these. I will have my boys for Easter next year so not sure if I will make it or not. It was a LONG drive for you glad your day made it worthwhile! (and yep prizes were cool weren't they - I picked up a Sissy kit too)and the lucky dips too! Committee all did an awesome job!

Lyn Dywer said... glad you had a great day with the girls.....good on you for getting some layouts completed too...
it was a great day.....must admit though.....I'm bug......ed today!


judee d said...

Hi Dawn, What a great cause. Isn't it great that scrapbooking from all forms can get together with no competition and raise money. Glad you enjoyed the day. I am sorry I couldn't make it, but with the arrival of my new granddaughter and the wedding I needed the time at home.
Keep smiling and healthy

rose said...

look and sounds like u had a good time xyour hair is growing fast hope leah is feeling better now love from isted clan xxxxx

Coby said...

Happy Easter Dawn!!

I agree that the crop was fantastic and it was lovely catching up with you and Paula.

Like you, I am looking forward to participating in next years crop.

Love Coby

Leanne said...

Hi. I am one of your blogs geez writing that makes me feel a bit
Anyway I was at this crop too and I am upset that I never realised who you were to say hello. Anyway why I have come out so to is you have a photo of the room with me in it and I would love a copy.
Could you please email me at so we can discuss me getting a copy.
And as Jude said you look fantastic Dawn.


The Clarks said...

I heard it was a great day
Bummed I missed it but you get that
Glad you enjoyed your dsay though Dawn you deserved to get out and havea girly scrapping day :)