Saturday, March 31, 2007

Some Photos

A few years ago we were up visiting Mum and Dad on holiday. Mum was going to throw out some our old slides and I ended up taking them home with me. Remember the years where slides were the in thing. I have slowly been scanning them and will make a disc off all the images to send to Tony and Donna. There are some cute shots. Lots of bad shots but still good memories.

This photo was taken at Toowoomba Show in about 1979. Does anyone remember Shannan's chips in the old white bus. I used to think they were the best.

Tony and I at the beach. Check out my butt lol. I was a skinny thing. Not that you can tell from this pic. We rarely went to the beach so it was very exciting. Not sure where this is. Will have to ask Dad.
The great flood. This was in Kingsthorpe. During this flood I was bitten by a wolf spider. We were playing in flood water and the spider climbed up my leg. As I flicked it off it bit me. Mum and Dad drove me to Toowoomba General Hospital and they gave me an anti venom injection. Still remember seeing things climbing up the walls etc. Made me feel very sick. They wanted me to stay in over night but Mum said she might get KFC for dinner on the way home ( a rare treat) so I convinced the doctor I was ok to go home. I don't think we ended up even having KFC.

SeaWorld in the late 70's. Tony in the front of the ride. Check out the view of the Gold Coast. A little different these days.


sollie said...

I love watching old pics!! They are very good. Enjoy the weekend, Isolde

mum said...

I think that is at Cabaritia Gardens where we used to go camping.
We went there a few times, and you made friends with the kids from the caravan site.

Garnet said...

Would you believe that Shannon's chips is still around and yeah they do make the best chips still.
I remember one ute show Dad and I went to and he piled sweet chilli sauce and mayo and vinager on his chips. It was hard trying not to gag. That photo from the beach could be rainbow beach because there's a similar pic Mum and Dad have of us on the beach and me fishing with my little white fishing rod lol.