Monday, March 05, 2007

Local Reservoir

This is our local water reservoir. Although we are on tank water this is where surrounding towns source their water from. A few years ago I took photos here because it was so low. For the first time in years you could walk to the island at one end. We took the kids there and told them at that time that they may never be able to do this again. How wrong we were.

Today the water is even lower. Trees can now be seen poking out of the top of the water. The original highway can be seen going into the water as well as bridge footings. The water is so low that the water can no longer be pumped out via the regular pumps. Submersible pumps have been placed in the water on fabricated pontoons to allow water to be pumped out for local farm use etc This will allow another three to four metres of water to be pumped out for a little longer.

The capacity of this reservoir is 22, 119ml and it is currently as of 2nd March at 3.60%. Some of the photos were taken were metre markers show you the depth of the water. We would need many years of rain to get the water level back up to these markers. Jason was telling the girls about when he was a kid and they used to picnic on the banks and the boat was moored beside them. Grass now grows in these areas. It's hard to imagine that skiers once skied into the 'beach' etc
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judee d said...

Hi Dawn, Isn't it a sad state when the water is so low. I think it needs us to try and talk to the kids of today to convince them they MUST conserve all the water they can. A glass of water could become so valuable and needed.
Keep smiling and healthy.

sollie said...

My god, that water is really low!! Is it that dry and hot at your town?
See you soon, Isolde

Erica Johnstone said...

OMG, well these pictures say it all!! Is this Pikes Dawn? We used to go waterskiing at Pikes all the time and the island in the middle always seemed so far away! It feels like we will never see it full again doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

come and get some of our water dawn..we have plenty of it...rain nearly every day this year alone..we cant do nought in the garden....roll on summer..we have had the warmest winter since record begun xxxxxxx mick

Lyn Dwyer said...

Dawn.......those pics say it all.....we just put in a tank last week connected to the house and shed!
It rained a little last night so we got a few drops in the tank.....

Ruthy said...

Matey I've just read your last two posts. Yes the water crisis is getting to desperation point. Our church made it a major point or prayer this morning. I also read your previous post. Having had my nephew go through cancer and see how things effected his family, but like you I too also knew of the help that was at their disposal and how the family and community, rallied around to give support. I think you've done the right thing here in not doing the interview. I often think I'd love to be a journalist, but what puts me off is how they sensationalize the truth to make a story. Hope your continuing to get better matey
and I look forward to catching up with you one of these days too!
ruthy x