Monday, March 05, 2007


I had a great time attending my second Indian cooking class run by the local doctors wife Asha at our community centre.

Yummo she made Butter Chicken, a cauliflower dish, a carrot salad (very yummy) and yellow rice. Loved it all and can't wait to cook it later in the week. If anyone wants the recipes just let me know.

Tonight we had roast lamb for dinner. Last night I marinated it in lemon juice, lemon rind, garlic, thyme, rosemary, cracked pepper and oil. I cut slits in the lamb and pushed the fresh herbs and garlic into it. It was so tender and tasted very nice. I also marinated potatoes in the same marinade and roasted them. They were also really nice.

I am heading back to work tomorrow. Looking forward to it. I will only be working a few days a week to start with. Still feeling a little sore but I will take it easy. Looking forward to paying off some bills.

Last week I was approached by the local newspaper to do an interview for them on cancer etc. I spoke to a guy that is pushing to get a facility for radiotherapy and more funding for cancer patients in Melton. Initially I agreed to do the interview but tonight after chatting to him I felt that it wasn't right for me to do it. His intentions are great. BUT he really wanted me to talk about the negative side financially and how family and friends have helped me out but not about the entire picture. It's true I have had friends and family help us out financially, and it has meant more than they could have imagined, but he wanted me to downplay and not talk about the other side of things such as how great the hospital and staff have been, the support from social workers etc and the great treatment I have received. What started all this is my FIL and his fiance had a garage sale in December last year. They gave us a few hundred dollars that they raised from selling items. This guy claimed they had to sell their household possessions etc to help transport me to radio. Yes they gave us some money, yes they wanted to get rid of their junk but in no way did they feel they needed to sell off household possessions. He seems to want the extreme negative.

The more I thought about it the more I realised it's not for me. I don't want to do an interview where I can't speak truthfully without the fear of tripping over the truth. I also felt that his interview last week in the paper wasn't based on the correct facts. He is claiming he won't get any funding for his petrol because he needs to travel more than 100km one way when in fact it's 50km one way. He will also be able to get a Rotary volunteer to transport him if needed. So many things that I feel aren't going to be covered or portrayed correctly. This has made me feel sick in the stomach tonight. Feel so much better saying no. No use trying to remember the lies you have told just to portray his cause.

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Beck Family said...

Wow, you are a strong woman. I think we have all had help financially with this disease, but you are right about there being so many positive aspects of treatment. Just like you said, the nurses and hospital are great!!! I think you need a raido machine closer to you, but I think you chose to do the right thing. VAL