Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy 60th

To my wonderful mother in law today. We have a lovely relationship and she is such a lovely lady to be around. I am really lucky.

Today about 50 close friends and family celebrated, Mary's 60th birthday at a Chinese Restaurant. We had a lovely time and left feeling very full after a huge banquet. It was fantastic spending time with family and some friends that we haven't seen for a long time.

We (Cassie, Ash, Wendy, Daryl, Adam, Kathie, Jason and I) bought Mary a digital camera and a lovely bouquet of flowers. I made Mary's invitations and Kathy organised this gorgeous cake.

The beautiful flowers we bought Mary.
Jason and I. Can you see how much my hair is growing. It's still a strange colour. Lots of blond but a darker mousy brown. Quite different from my original colour. A bit hard to tell in this photo.
Cassie I will email you some photos of the family that I won't share here.


judee d said...

Happy 60th Birthday Mary. Hope you had a great day.
Dawn your hair is certainly growing, isn't it amazing that the hair grows back quite differently that what you had before. Hope your continuing to feel better each day. Continue to stay positive.
Keep smiling and healthy.

Beck Family said...

Oh dawn, I am so happy for your mother in law. It looks like you guys had a wonderful celebration. I love your hair!!! Mine is a mousy brown color too. I used to be a blond...what happened. Isn't having hair wonderful!! You look great!!! VAL

uncle pete said...

i like jay,s hair as well....looks like a basin cut from the 60's

uncle pete said...

at first glance dawn...i thought i was looking at the chuckle me , to you

rose said...

you look so good, fantastic photo of u both love to u all xxxx

mum said...

Hope mary had a lovely day, she is a very nice person.
Happy Birthday Mary.
Looks like J had a big lunch, look at the tummy on him, looks like wills.
You look great Dawn, so healthy and you can see your hair.
Cant belive mary is 60 time goes so fast