Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Passed

my short course tonight. I got a mark of 96%. Feeling very happy with that result.It was an open book exam but boy those questions were worded to trick you. You needed 70% to pass and some only just scrapped it in.

I am now working all day tomorrow because the girl that was on can't do the shift. Looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning. I am working Saturday night. That makes it 7 days straight. Lucky I have the next week off.

Next week on Wednesday, I am heading to a shopping centre a good hours drive away for coffee with my scrapbooking buddies. Thursday I have my radiotherapy checkup. I am going to have coffee with my friend Helen (we went through chemo together).

I received a phone call last night from another chemo Buddy's husband. David told me that Raine is now terminal. Within a month of finding her lump in her breast the tumour spread into other parts of her body and into her blood. Her liver and lungs are looking good (she has a few hot spots) but she was told this week due to it being in her blood she is considered terminal. She may live a year or twenty.

This is a shit disease. Makes me so sad that anyone needs to go through this. Girl check your boobs. The earlier you detect a lump the more likely you will survive.


Erica Johnstone said...

This is just such a sad story Dawn - I agree with you Cancer is such a dreadful thing, check your breasts all the time, we know them best and hopefully pick up changes early enough. I feel so very sad for your friend tonight and for you, news like this really hits hard doesn't it!

I am so proud of you getting out there and working and doing so well on your test for work - you really are living life! Can't wait to catch up with you next week :-)

Paula Clark said...

This is just so sad Dawn! Have I told you how sore my boobs have been since you were diagnosed?? I have never checked them so much in my life LOL

Paula Clark said...

Oooops forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS - way to go girl!!!

Valerie said...

That is so sad felt so teary, poor girl I feel for her so much.
Good luck to her and her family.
Thank god you found yours in time, could not bear the thought of any thing happing to you,life would be so unbearable.
You are our world, love you so much.
We have always been so proud of you and what you can do, the skys the limit for you.
You 3 kids are so special to us, life would not be the same with out you in it.

Good on you Dawn for doing
so well on your test, you can do any thing you want to do, so proud of you.
Funny what you said about your boobs Paula, I have never checked mine, and then last year I found the lump.
I still feel for it, it is still there.

judee d said...

Sorry to hear of your friend Dawn. You are all so right, Check those boobs, whether they be big or small, go for it. It is never toooooo soon to check. The earlier you find a lump the better. Some people say it is too scary, imagine what you Dawn and Val and your friends have gone through. That would be even more scary. Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't.
Keep smiling and healthy

judee d said...

Sooooo Sorry Dawn, Just so upset about your friends news. Congratulations on your high score.
Keep it up. But don't overdo it.
Keep smiling and healthy

rose said...

congratulations on passing your test sorry to hear about your buddy xx thinking of you love the isted family xxxxxxxxxxx

Lyn Dwyer said...

Dawn.......congrats on the high score girl....something to be proud of...a real achievement......hope work is going ok.......