Monday, March 19, 2007

Been So Busy

Ok I have been so busy the last week. Thursday I turned 38. Paula took me out to lunch in the lovely village of Trentham. We had lunch in a lovely cafe. The food was yum but the coffee was average. Paula took the photo of me below whilst we were in Trentham. (Makes me realise how much weight I need to lose, I am looking like a bald puffer fish).

Thursday night we went out to a local pub with Mil and Fil for dinner. We all had a seafood basket. It was so yummy. Jason bought me a cocktail and we had a few beers.

Hair news. I realise how quickly my hair is growing. It's thickening up and getting longer. Hangs a little over my ears now. Just looking at the photo Paula took I can see how much in four days its thickened up on top. It is still a weird colour. Blond in places and sort of a mousy charcoal brown. I will try to take some better photos this week.

Kady had her best friend stay all weekend. Saturday she had her monthly allergy injection. She is still a wussy woo when it comes to having a needle.

Sunday I worked all day. Today my boss rang and asked me to work tonight. I am working all day tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night. woooooo makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it. Thursday night I am doing a four hour short course for work. Next week I don't think i have any shifts.

Today I caught up on washing and housework. Posted off some work to Scrapbook Creations. The lovely Jannah Kelly is sadly leaving SC. It has been wonderful working with Jannah for the past few years. Jannah is off jet setting around the world and will visit lots of lovely places. Make sure you send me a postcard Jannah.

Last week I booked an apartment for a short holiday for the four of us. We will be staying five nights. I am so looking forward to it. We are going to Warrnambool. We have been there a few times but not for a while. We really need a break after the last year.

and will be staying here. This place worked out cheaper than a two room cabin at a caravan park.

Kady is off to school camp this week for two nights. She is so excited.

Jason is picking up his new work car today. This is such a huge thing for us. It will save us a fortune.


Lyn Dwyer said...

Hi DAWN.......sounds like things are going well back at work!
Your hair is certainly growing back..Warnambool sounds great!
We have only ever been through there once...many years ago!Glad your birthday was celebrated with family and your good friend PAULA.....isn't she a gem?

judee d said...

Great you had a good day for your birthday. Your hair looks fine and is growing just so well. Wonder what colour you'll end up with. My sister had straight hair and was a mousy colour and after her chemo and her hair grew back, curly and a reddy colour.
You never know what amazing things the body will do. Hey.
Keep smiling and healthy

sollie said...

That place where you are going to with the family looks very beautiful. You will have an amzing time there. I'm sure about that. Nice pic of you! Love, Isolde

rose said...

glad u had a good birthday ,your hair is growing fast, you look realy good just dont work too hard love to you all xxxx

mum said...

Sounds like me Dawn working all those hours.
I have got 6 earlies after 2 weeks lates, all 8 hour shifts, getting to old for all of this.
I some times think about giving up work but I think I would go mental being at home all day.
Dad just got a bull bar on his new ute, not happy about that it looks so huge.
You had a hair colour when you were small that looked like dirty sand with red in it.
Donna had the same.
You are so lucky to have that weight on you, wish I could put on weight, eat like a horse but still no weight, must be the thyroid that keeps me small.

Erica Johnstone said...

I am glad that you are enjoying work Dawn that is great :-) Bugger about the car, so glad that Jason is getting a company car - that will help alot. As for the way you look, Dawn don't be so hard on yourself, from where I am standing you look beautiful and courageous, and so glad taht I can call you one of my very special friends :-)