Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Good And The Bad

Good news from the hospital yesterday after waiting for over two hours, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I saw a stand in Oncologist as mine is on holiday. I really liked her. She listened and answered ALL of my questions. She is happy with my progress. My skin is healing well from radiotherapy. I had a little more peeling up the top and now I am loosing the skin all over. Seems not so much peeling but losing the dead skin. Doesn't hurt so that is good. My funky tan line is slowly disappearing. My scar from my surgery is hardly noticeable. I still have some scar tissue that is hard under the skin but the doctor was quite impressed how I have healed. I still have pain from the surgery eight months on but I think it will just take time to heal internally. There are a lot of muscles and nerve endings to mend.

I asked once again about a full body scan. She went through all my notes and commented that there was no need to do one as all my pathology results are really good even though I had quite an aggressive rare type of breast cancer. My cancer had Medullary features. This is supposed to quite rare in my age group. Less than 4% of breast cancers are this type. By having a full body scan it puts me in the risk of 1 in 1000 of getting a new cancer so they would prefer not to do it if needed. I am already at risk due to have chemo and radiotherapy.

I also asked again about how many lymph nodes were taken. She took time to read through all my reports and told me I had eight taken (earlier I have been told everything from 3 to 5). All were clear with no sign of cancer. She counted them all up through each pathology report. Made me feel much better to have a direct answer after all this time.

Good news is that now I only have to go back every three months for a clinical checkup. I have to have a mammogram in two months and I am positive it will be all clear.

Good news is that yesterday I gained enough guts to walk back into oncology and say hi to all the nurses that looked after me. I felt nauseous but managed to do it. Now I will be able to go and sit with my mate Helen whilst she has Herceptin every three weeks.

Bad news is that yesterday morning when we went to start my 4WD to go to the hospital it wouldn't start. We ended up taking Jason's bomb which is on it's last legs.

Bad news is that the local mechanic towed my car away this morning to see if they can fix it later this week. I now have no car and had to ring work last night to tell them I couldn't come in.

Good news is that Jason is finally getting a work car that work are fully paying for. It's such a big thing for us. No rego, insurance or fuel bill. His work ordered it nearly six weeks ago and we were meant to pick it up yesterday.

Bad news is that the stupid bank haven't rang the dealership back so they can't release the car even though it's sitting there ready. The car dealer keeps ringing the bank and it goes to an answering machine and nobody seems to be checking it.

Bad news is that I should have been able to drive Jason's bomb today and this week until my car is fixed but due to stupid bank I am sitting at home doing housework and updating this blog.

Good news is that it's my birthday tomorrow and I will be 38. Eight months ago I didn't know if I would make it to 38.

Bad news is that I was meant to go out for a girlie lunch but I can't drive to get there now. I am sure Paula and I will come up with an alternative solution.

Good news is I am going out to the local pub for dinner for my birthday tomorrow night. No cooking, yippee, that's always good.

Good news is my house will be super clean and all washing done by this afternoon.

Bad news is my top ten article needs to be posted off to Scrapbook Creations but due to having no car and living in the sticks it won't be getting there today.

Bad news my septic system seems to be playing up and the poor mechanics got a nose full when they came to tow away the car earlier.

Good news we are meant to get a little rain this week.

Bad news is that my printer is playing up and really needs to be fixed.

Good news is that we are having lovely warm days and cooler nights. You can feel that Autumn is here.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Off to have some lunch and then back to the housework and washing.


judee d said...

I am just so happy for your Dawn. Your news has put an even bigger smile on my face. I became a grandmother for the 3rd time yesterday. Jodie had a little girl, Chelsie Olivia. She weighed in at 3.3 kg. Both are well.
Well done again.
Keep smiling and healthy

rose said...

loved reading all your news ,,i will say it again have agood birthday .dont do any house work just sit and relax and enjoy the day love from the isted lot xxxxxxxxxxxxx

~Kathryn~ said...

happy birthday dawn from one march baby to another

i can't believe it has been 8 months - and i'm thrilled you got the answers from the doc !!!

sollie said...

Yeah!!!! You must be so happy to hear that everything is fine. Enjoy the dinner at the pub for your birthday. So this is an early Brirthday wish too!!! See you soon, Isolde

mum said...

Such good news Dawn, Felt so teary reading all your good and bad news.
Have a wonderful day, enjoy your tea at the pub.
Cant belive you are 38, was only yesterday the nurse said we have a little girl, how I enjoyed your growing up.
Love you so much.
I am off to the doc today to have my pap smear, (dont you just hate that) theb the doc is going to send me for tests on my throat, have been having very bad reflux for the last 9 months.
Had a chest xray and a tummy scan could not find any ulcers.
When I eat it is worse feel like the food is not going down and the pain goes to my tummy back and breasts.
Dreading going in case it is the dreaded c word.

Ann Lederhose said...

Hi Dawn, I've followed your story since you were diagnosed and I am so glad to see you coming out the other side of all your treatment. You must have had such a rough time but you have prevailed wonderfully. I am just so pleased for you. Have a great birthday. I hope everything starts to settle down now for you and your family - you all deserve it after the journey you've all been on.

Take care, my very best wishes


judee d said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Dawn, Happy Birthday to you. Just imagine that I am singing to you.
Keep smiling and healthy

Lyn Dwyer said...


Hope you have had a great day.......
....good have reached 38
....bad didn't have your girly lunch
....good still have it to look forward to


Paula Clark said...

She did too have her girly lunch Lyn :) Dawn and I drove to Trentham and had a little wonder around and had lunch in one of the little tearooms - it was a lovely day. I can't say much for their coffee, but my Foccaccia was yummo :)

I hope the rest of your day was great Dawn. I loved reading this post - so many things going on!