Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Quick Update

I realised after a few emails that I didn't update after starting back at work. I only worked 5 1/2 hours on Tuesday and then worked 5 hours on Wednesday. The boss came in to see me towards the end of the shift to ask if I could do the evening shift as well. So I ended up working from 5 till nearly 9. I raced home for an hour and organised the kids and dinner and then Jason and I passed each other on the way out.

I was exhausted the next day. Every muscle in my legs ached as it's a very physical job. Boy though it was so nice to be back. Felt good doing something really normal and not hospital related.

I am off to MIL's tomorrow for a family day. I came home from the party today and made Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken (both marinating now), half prepared a carrot salad and will finish all off tomorrow to take over for the day. Wendy, Daryl and Meg's will be there. Adam and Kathy can't make it. Looking forward to spending the day with them. Meg is growing up so so fast. Chatters constantly and loves playing with her cousins Kady and Leah.

Tuesday, I am back to the hospital. I have my Oncology three month check up. Yes it's been three months since chemo. Can't believe how fast the time has gone. I am feeling really good but will push for a full body scan as I haven't had one and it's playing on my mind. I will pay for it myself if need be. It's about $800 but it will give me peace of mind.

I am healing well from radiotherapy. The top part of my boob peeled last week and today I noticed that all over I seem to be loosing the top layer of skin. It isn't really sore at all except for where my nipple is peeling (that is a little tender). I know too much info but it's the truth.

I have so much energy these days. When I feel tired it's self inflicted from a late night. Feeling so good and loving life but feeling a little sad still. Missing my Nan like crazy and so often feel like ringing her only to realise that I no longer can. I feel her with me each and every day and will always treasure our chats. Tell your loved ones how much you love them.

Wednesday I am working one shift. Leah has a school excursion to the Melbourne Museum.

Thursday is my birthday. I will be 38. Only feels like yesterday that I was a little girl. My good friend Paula is taking me out for lunch. Looking forward to a girlie day. Thursday evening we are going out locally for a meal.


jilly said...

Happy Birthday Dawn. So wonderful to hear your treatment is over! This is the beginning of something wonderful!

linda said...

hi dawn happy birthday have a good one dont tire yourself to much take care the logie clan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sollie said...

Waw, you are gonna have a busy week. Enjoy it. Have a wonderful birthday. Hope all will be OK at the hospital. xxx Isolde

mum said...

Good luck Dawn at the Hospital on tuesday, I am sure everything will be good.
Have a great day on thursday for your b/day, did you get your card.
Same here with nanny I can feel her with me every day, also I can feel my mum with me, miss her every day even though it has been 37 years I still miss her so much.
So true tell you family that you love them every day, you never know what the day will bring.
Love you .

Lyn Dwyer said...

Thanks for the update DAWN.......glad you are enjoying being back at work.....(((((((( waving to you Val)))))))))))))))))how are you?
Dawn ....have a great day with PAULA.....mmmm....girlie day??....wonder where you two will end up? Have a great birthday....I'd be watching that postie if I were you!


judee d said...

You sound like you are a new woman!!!
Enjoy. You deserve it.
Keep positive about Tuesday, I'll be thinking of you.
Roll on Thursday, it's only another year, but aren't you glad you're here to live it.
Don't over do the work side of things, I know you think you have so much time to recoup, but think you have many long years to linve and don't over do it.
Enjoy Thursday and especially with your family.
And I do believe you must tell your family that you love them every day, as someone might be missing the next day.
Keep smiling and healthy

Erica Johnstone said...

I am so glad that you have been enjoying your first days back at work Dawn, it must be exhausting, but like you said it must be great to get backout there!

Happy birthday Dawn I am sure you will have a great day!

I hope that your skin is feeling a little better and that the peeling is not too painful.

WOW 3 months since chemo that has gone fast - you make sure that you get the scan if it is playing on your mind, you need to feel peaceful and not worry about things that you can get the answers about. I am so glad to here that you are doing well :-)

Anonymous said...

we all wish you a happy birthday dawn hope you got your card ok ...take it easy you are getting on a bit now old from us all mick deb michelle and kerry(and boyfriends) xxxxx

rose said...

hope the hospital went ok xx happy birthday from rose, pete, kirsty and the rest of the isted family xgo carefull when you open the card xxxxxxxx