Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Huge Update

It's been a while since I updated. Last week was a long one. I worked seven days in a row and I still feel exhausted. Thankfully that won't happen very often. I am feeling a little sore and bruised in the chest from doing so much. I realise how much I am still healing internally. Each day I am feeling a bit better though. My job is very physical and non stop. I think someone who hadn't had surgery would feel the same way.

Sunday was my first day off and I spent it catching up on washing and cleaning out Leah's clothing cupboards. Three huge bags of near new clothing was taken down to a neighbour down the road for her two little ones. Leah is shooting up like a bean stalk lately. This kid seems to be getting taller each day. She told someone the other day she is nearly ten. Jason said heh not for another 7 months lol.

I have all this week off. So far only one evening shift next week.

The kids finish school early on Friday for Easter holidays. They are looking forward to it and so am I. I love having the kids home. No rushing around to get to school buses etc on time. We will catch up with some friends in the first week. They are heading up to Queensland to live on the coast. Not sure what we are doing for Easter this year. Will probably end up having all the family over at our house.

This weekend we have our local Autumn festival. We might head down to check it out on Saturday morning. The kids love the carnival side of it and I love all the stalls. Last year it turned bitterly cold and there was snow on local hills. Lets hope the warm weather will last until at least Saturday. We are still having hot days but the nights are getting colder and we have lit the fire a few times. Time to order some gas for the gas heaters and time to empty out the swimming pool onto the garden.

It is very windy here today. The wind began to pick up yesterday and overnight got very strong. We are hoping for some rain over the next few days with the change. Fingers crossed.

Saturday night our local town has an outdoor cinema night. They are showing Night At The Museum. We are thinking of going if the weather is good. It's only $20 for a family and the proceeds go to raise money to put play equipment and other things on our local reserve.

Leah has been working on a few things for her pen pal Kennedy. We have a bit of a package to send her which we think her and Carter will really love. Might have to hide some things from Mum and Dad, Kennedy.

Today I am 'doing lunch' (ha love saying that as I don't DO lunch often), with my lovely girls from POS. Paula, Erica and I are catching up with the gorgeous Wendy at Highpoint today. So looking forward to this.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my Radiotherapist Oncologist. Mainly a skin check but I think I will get my knuckles rapped because of over doing things and feeling so sore and bruised again. Oh well. You have to live life. After my appointment I'm having a coffee with my chemo buddy Helen. It's a few weeks since we have caught up. We had the same chemo and went through it together on the same day so really know exactly what each went through.

Sad news. Helen rang me on Monday to tell me another chemo buddy, Katrina has been told that her cancer has spread to her brain and there is nothing more they can do for her. Trina is only thirty and has opted to go home and spend her final days with her family. Breaks my heart. Trina had an aggressive soft tissue cancer that is usually only found in children. I have felt so so sad the last few days. Cancer really does suck.

We are getting a new car. Sadly my lovely 4 runner will be sold. Love this car but the fuel economy sucks. It has been a good car. We have hardly had any problems with it. We are buying a three month old Nissan Navara from Jason's brother. J has ordered a canopy for it. It will have much better fuel economy and do us for another ten or fifteen years.

Oh and after Easter I am getting a puppy. For the last year we have been talking about it and we were going to get one at Christmas but decided to wait until I had finished treatment. Still deciding on which breed to get. I love Labradors but we also love blue heelers and kelpies. We will start looking after Easter. yippee.


Beck Family said...

Wow, I havn't been to your blog in a while and look what I have missed. You went back to work too!!! Good for you. I teach something called Parent Education. It is like a mommy and me class, but the parents are the students. I teach them to be better parents. The children range between 18 months and 5 years of age. So, you want to get a new puppy. Looks like I beat you to it. It really is a lot of fun. I waited until I felt well enough to do it. Love you, VAL

sollie said...

We have Easter holidays over here at the same time as you have. I'm a teacher so I'll be off for 2 weeks too. Yippee!!!! I'm sorry to hear the news about that lady. She's only 30. How rude can nature be???? Hope you feel not that exchausted anymore, Isolde

Lyn Dwyer said...

Dawn..............great to see you back at work!The festival sounds like fun.....and the POS catch up ......they are such great gals.....
I bet you can't wait to have a better fuel economy car! Gosh your girls are growing so quickly.....won't be long and they will be off your hands....cherish the time you have with them....caus'e once they leave home......a whole new world opens to you!
Yes....Cancer sucks......IYKWIM!

judee d said...

Dawn, I know it is hard, but please try not to overdo it. As you said you are still healing inside. What you have been through, you just want to get out there, but do it in small bouts.
Good luck with the puppy, don't forget to show the photos.
Sorry to hear of your firends friend. It is terrible when there is no more help. Keep you chin up and tell your friend the same.
Stay positive, well as much as you can.
Keep smiling and healthy