Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Treatment Is Over

What a wonderful feeling. All finished. I took a card and some chocolates and chuppa chups into the guys and girls at radiotherapy today. They have done such a wonderful job ( I mean afterall they are saving my butt). They are always smiling, always more than friendly and have been so wonderful with my girls. Leah now wants to become a radiotherapist and has already checked out with the lovely Josh (one of the lovely cute guys who looked after me) what she needs to do a uni to work in this field.

Today I saw my doctor. He was very happy with how I have handled radio. I will see him at the end of March for a skin check and then in June/July, December and August next year. I saw the social worker and signed a heap of forms, and then onto the nurse. Margie was very happy with my progress. The skin that peeled has healed underneath (still no discomfort).

Margie gave me a web address for breast cancer patients. It's a country retreat where ladies and men can go to relax for free with a their partner or friend. You can stay a week or a weekend about an hour from where we live. It's fully self contained. The wonderful lady that inspired this lovely place passed away from breast cancer at 29 after many years of battling with breast cancer. The retreat is named after her dog Otis. You can stay for nothing or leave a donation if you wish.

I will email them tomorrow to see if J and I might get a night away together (Erica I will email you the details as I think it would be a lovely place for you and Petra to get away for a weekend together). I really feel we need a break as it's been very hard on J and the kids. People always think the patient suffers but the family suffer too.

This afternoon my lovely SIL, Cassi rang from New Zealand to offer her congratulations for me finishing my treatment. It is such a big day for me, milestone wise and I am so happy she remembered. Big hugs to you and loved the photos you sent me from your trip over here. Looking forward to seeing more.

Tonight we splurged and went out for tea at our local pub to celebrate. The meal was awesome. So yummy. We are all so full. When we got home we opened a bottle of Tassie Chardonnay that Karen and the girls from Karen's Kupboard sent me (along with a journal and other stuff) when I was first diagnosed. Thanks Karen. I have kept this in my cupboard just for this day.

One thing I have noticed through radiotherapy is the number of breast cancer patients and also prostrate patients. I have been the youngest breast cancer patient on my days of treatment through chemo and radio. not saying there are none younger than me but that is what I have found.

So many men in their 40's and 50's with prostrate. I know breast and prostrate are very common. As always please check for lumps and bumps. The earlier you find a change the more chance you can be treated and will survive. For all those over 40 who have never had a mammogram get your butt into gear and book one tomorrow.


sollie said...

Congratulations with the finishing of your treatment!!!
My aunt had breast cancer too about 17 years ago. She survived it too.
See you, Isolde

Sarah said...




linda said...

congrats dawn glad it is all over now rest for a while then get on with your life thinking of you from the logie clan lots of kisses and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

rose said...

well done on finishing your treatment xxnow try and go away for a couple of days you both deserve some time together all our love to you all love rose ,pete .kirsty and the rest of the isted family xxxxxx

Beverly said...

Still checking in with you...Congratulations on finishing your treatment! Yippee! It is a bit scary, but we march courageously forward, right?!

I think it is interesting that breast cancer treatment takes about as long as a pregnancy. Both processes yield new life (and both of these new lives have little or no hair, heehee!)

Congrats, again Dawn! Thank you for the blessing of your checking into my blog and letting me know you are there! (After reading about the free lodging for breast cancer patients, I wish I was "there", too!) It has been neat to correspond with someone overseas!

May God grant you His favor and enrich your new life!


mum said...

congratulations Dawn and Jason on the end of your treat ment, I thought about you all day.
Now you can enjoy life a bit more with out the money worries and the travel expense
Lets hope this year will be better than last, so much sadness and worry last year, but now you are through this hard time.
Love you.
Miss you.

Chris Millar said...

Hi Dawn, I'm so happy to hear your treatment has come to an end! Congrats!

judee d said...

Congratualions Dawn, What a great day.Finishing your radiation.Such a very Happy day for you and your family, Take time to relax and enjoy your family.
I agree, everyone who has not had a mamogram, go do it.... it is a necessary evil. I lost a sister to breast cancer (6th March 2006)12 months ago and Wednesday 28th Feb 2007, I attended the funeral of my brother who died from Colon and lung cancer. Awareness is the only word I can say. Not just mamograms, please be aware of ANY changes in your body. My sister and brother would not have died in vain if I can get just two people, but hopefully more to be AWARE.
Stay happy and positive.
Keep smiling and healthy

Anonymous said...

well done dawn im so please that is all over and now you can get on with your and jason + the girl have been so brave get away for a few days you both deserve it its been a long journey michelle and lee want you well for when they come over love to you all mick

kls said...