Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The End Is In Sight

Tomorrow is my last radiotherapy. What a great feeling. The end of my treatment. It's been a long eight months, but at the same time it's flown by. I can't believe the end of my journey is near. Just a few more doctors appointments and that's it. A bit scary but so nice to be over all the treatment. Let's hope I never have to go down this road again.

I'm still feeling really good. Still no tiredness. I am quite red ( I really look quite scarlet but it really doesn't feel as bad as what it looks), lost a bit more skin under my breast over the weekend. It isn't too sore though. I am still applying the creams with the local in them. Even when I don't apply them I still feel ok. I get a bit of itching or a small amount of discomfort. I have been so lucky. I will just be left with a whacky tan line.

Thanks to all my lovely friends who have helped out with my petrol costs. Kathryn, Robyn and Sue and Paula for being my Clayton's drivers (the driver you have when you don't have a driver) and to Erica who drove me last Friday (loved spending the day with Erica and Paula). It has really meant so much to Jason and I and helped ease the financial strain. I feel quite proud of the fact that I drove for 6.5 weeks myself with only Erica driving me once and Jason driving me once. I am so grateful that I felt WELL enough not to need to rely on anyone.

Today I caught up with my friend Helen. We met during chemo. We were on the same treatment plan on the same day and finished on the same day. It was wonderful to share this journey with someone who knew exactly what I was going through. Helen is doing well and will have Herceptin for the next year. We get on so well together. We used to have the nurses in stitches during our treatment days lol.

Kady is off on a school excursion tomorrow to the Melbourne Zoo. She is looking forward to going and is hoping to head straight to the butterfly house. Kady is loving highschool.

Leah is feeling much better. Still a little pain in her ear so I think it might be back to the doctor in the next few days for another course of antibiotics.

Please send good vibes to my good friend Valerie in the USA. Valerie has finished her chemo and radiotherapy for breast cancer treatment and had a PET scan yesterday to give her the all clear. Drop by Val's blog and leave a message http://www.beckhome.blogspot.com/ Val has been a wonderful support for me during my journey. We plan on growing old together and visiting each other one day. Val's daughter Kennedy and Leah are penpals. Reminds me Leah owes Kennedy a letter.

I have managed to scrap a few more holiday layouts over the last week. Will photograph them tomorrow and share.


linda said...

hi dawn glad to hear the end is sight and you are feeling well good luck love the logie clan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxhopge

Valerie said...

I feel so glad that this big step is almost over, and it is nice to know that you had made a good friend as well.
Well done Dawn, so proud of you, you sure are a little aussie battler.
Thank you to all of Dawns friends that helped her out, you are all very special people. it is so hard for us living so far away, once again thank you so much.

rose said...

it sounds like you have got some great friends who have helped you out love the isted family xxxx

Beck Family said...

Hi Dawn....just a quick note to publicly say "Thank You"! Your comments, e-mails, and letters are very much appreciated. I remember when this all began, and hearing Valerie talk about her friend in Australia that was going through the same thing. I am very happy to see BOTH of you getting through this....I look forward to the day you both meet in person as well! I'd love to visit Australia, and we'd love to host you in California as well! We send our prayers and best wishes everyday....and they working! Dion