Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Is still going well. I am very red but it looks a bit worse than what it feels. I have started to lose the skin under my breast. A little tender but mainly itchy. The nurse has put me onto using a gel with a local in it for that area. Today is my last standard radio. The next five after this are boosts just to the tumour site. This should give the underside of my breast a chance to heal and hopefully my skin won't break down anywhere else. The itching has been waking me up at night.


rose said...

glad the radiotherapy is going well nearly there love to you xxxxxx

mum said...

not long to go now, soon be all over.
You have done well, so proud of you Dawn.
You have taken it all on the chin, and come out a stronger person.
Nanny would be so proud of you, as she said you will live to be an old lady like her.
So do miss her, think of her every day, can see her face in the clouds in the day time, sort of feel like she is with me all the time.
I like to think she is up there saying Hello darling, Miss you

Beck Family said...

Your almost Done!!! I was really itchy too and I lost some skin in the last week, but once it is over, your body recovers very quickly!!! Keep smiling! VAL