Monday, November 06, 2006

More photos

One for Cassi of little Miss M and her Daddy drawing at my place on Leah's birthday.

Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia. One of the most famous surfed beaches in Australia. Renowned for it's famous Easter surfing classic with swells up to six metres. The most gorgeous scenery along the surf coast although very windy.

When Mum, Dad, Donna, Dylan and Tex were visiting we went for a drive here. The waves were non existent but the view as stunning as always. Years ago I visited here with Jason, Kady and an ex boyfriend (Graham who was backpacking over from England), the waves were huge just like they are always predicted. A shame they weren't huge this day.

A little history......................................................

The beach is named after the family that took up the first pastoral run hereabouts in the 1840s. It is claimed the surfing potential of the site was first recognised in 1949 by Vic Tantau, Peter Troy and Owen Yateman. Access was a considerable problem. An old road led to within 45 minutes walk of the beach, but the heavy 5-metre boards then in fashion proved too difficult to drag through the bush, necessitating rubber mats. However, when shorter boards went into production in 1957 the beach was more heavily frequented. Negotiations with a local landowner in 1958 enabled road access to the beach although the failure of visitors to close farm gates caused friction and rendered the route problematic. Eventually Torquay surfer and Olympic wrestler Joe Sweeney hired a bulldozer and cleared a road along the Bells cliff from the old Cobb & Co road, from where the concrete wave now stands down to the beach, thereby facilitating access from Jan Juc. He then charged one pound per surfer to recover his expenses. This is now part of the Torquay to Anglesea walking track.

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