Monday, November 06, 2006

Sharing a Few Photos

Our duck Daphney (Daff) hatched two ducklings (with the help of Donald (Don))earlier this year. The little one on her back in the picture is now full grown and we haven't had the heart to give away her or her brother. Daff is now sitting again on about 14 eggs. Most of these won't hatch.


If they do give me the right frame of mind to give them away to good homes or we will end up a duck egg collection centre.

My girl is growing up way too fast. The boys are lining up in droves and it scares me. Gosh now I know how my Dad felt. Jason better start fighting them off or get out the gun.

Talk about reliving history lol.

Slow down Kady.

Our little man Dylan. Gosh I wish I could cuddle this guy every day. (I hate living 2000kms from my nephew and nieces but at the same time love where I live).

Love how much he loves his MUMMAY. Donna is doing such a good job with this little man. She should be proud.

D loved listening to Kady's headphones whilst staying. This dude goes non stop ( Donna runs to keep up with him) but he is such a good boy, he isn't rough and doesn't touch a thing that he shouldn't. Wish I could be near him daily to watch him grow.

All in a days work for Dad with .

Here is Grandpa Gus introducing grandson Dylan to the Bundy Babes at Deni UTE muster. Look who's smile is bigger lol...................... Bet none of the Uncles in the UK would want to be in Gus's position. Dylan's looking a little lost for words lol.


auntie rose said...

i bet the uncles would love to be in wills boots shame xxxx

mum said...

Dad sure looks happy Dawn.
Gosh they were the days, when D is older, bet he will have something to say about his gus.
Yes Doll is doing a good job with D, he wears me out as well have loved every min of his growing up, from the min he was born, when he came out he gave me a lovely look as if to say I know you.
When I go round to dolls house, he cries when I go home, he is so special, he is so much like my Tony when he was little, such a good looking man , mind you Tony still is handsome love him to bits.
Keep up the good work doll, you are doing very well.
Love you.

mum said...

Just look at beutiful Lady Kady.
She will be a stunner when she grows up mind you, she does take after the Isted side.
My other grandaughters Hailey Courtny Emily, and Princess Leah are all beutiful as well.
When my son and 2 girls were growing into Teenagers, every one would say you have nice looking kids.
I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters, and they are also good looking people.
They are so special, I think of them every day, and miss them so much.
I also have 2 very special sister in laws, Rose and Debbs, could not wish for nicer people, love you guys.