Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chemo Five Is Done

Well another one down and thank God only one more to go. It is getting harder mentally to go through each one. I feel nauseous the entire time before arriving at the hospital and whilst there. It's all in the head and there are some ladies so much worse than myself. I keep chatting (what else is new and try to take my mind off of it) I have met a lovely lady who also has breast cancer. She is 40 with four children. Her cancer was behind a benign cyst that she had checked out. We laugh the entire time. We both have the same positive outlook and we find the funniest things to laugh about. Makes the time go faster.

My sense of smell has gone overboard during the week after chemo. Last week I banned the antibacterial spray in the toilet from being used in the house. Just one spray had me gagging. Yuck. Reminds me of when I had bad morning sickness. I feel so nauseous over the slightest thing, even when it comes to taking the anti-nausea tablets lol

Hoping this chemo will be kinder to me. Tonight I feel so tired. Waiting almost for the side effects to kick in. NOT nice. I have a raging chemo headache, my feet and legs are swollen (haven't had this before) and some burning in my bladder (I know too much info lol but if you want to read my blog that's what you get). Hoping the burning isn't the start of an infection and fever. Will see how I go tonight.

Another very annoying side effect that has hit me over the last week is watery eyes and a runny nose that drips out of the blue. My eyes are so bloodshot and the sides of my eyes are raw from the irritaion. I have had this problem a few times after the last few chemos but this last time it looks like its here to stay. The GP prescribed drops and a spray yesterday and today the oncologist told they wouldn't help at all. A waste of twenty dollars I couldn't afford.One of the chemos they are giving me causes this and it can last a while after chemo finishes. People think I am crying all the time and it's even worse when I am outside in the wind.

One more chemo to go. Party time.

The last three days have been stinking hot with temps in the mid thirties. We reached 36 today. A change is coming through now and it's very windy. We have bush fires about an hour away and we are covered in dense smoke.

Thanks to all the lovely posts on my blog. Tony it was so nice to see you post (pity my little sister doesn't post often lol, although she always reads), How did Dylan go on his first day of childcare. Sarah I would love for you to email me. It is very inspiring and helps me heaps to get through each treatment and procedure. Thanks.


mum said...

It would be so hard for you each time you go, I know just going to the doctors I have to make the apointment one wek in advance to gear my self up lol
Just think each time you go that is one more done never to be done again.
Each time you go I think of you so just know I am there with you mentally even if I am not there in person.
You are doing a good job and I am so proud of you.
Some one up there is looking out for you and will see you through all of this.
Just remember, one day at a time taking baby steps.
When this is all done, you will move on to bigger and better things.
Do you remember me telling you about having my fortune told before I got married, and the lady told me that I would have a little girl and she would be talented, and clever and would one day be famous, most of that has come true.
So you hang in there, I am with you every day and every step of the way.
You can do this because you are like me, you are very strong.

Erica Johnstone said...

Dawn congratulations on getting through another one!!! Sorry to hear about all of the side effects that you are experiencing that it is a real bummer! Hope that bladder of yours is feeling better today. Glad to hear that you were able to spend the day with another inspirational person, it sure does make the time for you go alot faster. Well just think, only one more cycle of chemo to go! I am so proud of you, and as I have told you before you are an inspiration Dawn, I think that you are wonderful!

auntie rose said...

one more to go ,bets its going to be a big party just make sure u take plent of rest thinking of you lots of love from all in england xxxxxxx