Monday, November 06, 2006

Can't Sleep

So I thought I would share some photos.

Steroids are still in full force. It's nice to feel awake for most of the day but not when everyone else is sleeping and especially when I have to get up early for dressing changes and an ultrasound tomorrow.

I rarely have trouble sleeping. I normally fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. During chemotose days I can sleep all day and night with no problems.

I have an ultrasound tomorrow as my arm from the first two chemos is still very swollen (well truthfully I feel swollen all over from the crap that has gone into my body, feel like I have put on kilos as I am so bloated). The doctor feels I have clots (they can be felt) in my veins so I need to get them checked.

Will let you know when I know how things are.

Thanks Tony for ringing me yesterday. Sorry I was sleeping. Will chat to you soon.


mick said...

we wish you well dawn and good luck,will be thinking of you xxx

auntie rose said...

just do what your body is telling you to do ,,thinking of you for tuesday love to u and jason and kady, leah xxxxxx

mum said...

good luck tomorrow Dawn.
Hope everything goes well for you.
Love you.
Happy Bonfire Night UK

Dawn Taylor said...

Hope you get the all clear from the doc tomorrow. I know that wonderful steroid, can't sleep feeling. It's hard, but you'll make it through!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hello Dawn......hope all goes well tomorrow for you!
We'd love to see some more pics if you can't sleep....keep posting girl!
Love all your work!