Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Load Of Old Bollards In Geelong

More Bollard pics for Kathy F.

I love the Bollards. Wish I could have seen them all.

Here is a bit of info about them taken from the Geelong Waterfront website.

There are more than 100 of the two-metre high, 35 to 45cm across, brightly painted icons guiding visitors along the foreshore walking/cycling track from Rippleside Park, through Waterfront Geelong to Limeburners Point and the Botanic Gardens. Props are added to some to create interest and colour, and to provide extra information. The bollards represent a fascinating and fun chronicle of the city's rollicking past, focusing on some of the unique characters who played a part. It is an anecdotal history, tracing Geelong's development from the original Koori inhabitants to more contemporary characters. You'll find young ladies in neck-to-knee bathing costumes, lifesavers, families, a footballer, sailors, a town band, fishermen and dozens more.

And about the artist.

The colourful bollards are the work of artist Jan Mitchell. She has transformed old timbers and piles from the city's Yarra Street pier, demolished in the 1980s, into remarkable works of art that stop young and old in their tracks.Jan began the project in 1994 with her team operating from one of the old wool stores on the waterfront. It was completed in stages over a period of nearly four years.During the work, the brightly coloured stripes on the big door to the old wool warehouse provided a welcome invitation to the public to see progress on the project.

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Kathy said...

Thanks Dawn! Now I want to see them IRL more than ever!! Your tree looks great. I think I want one of them too!