Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sapphire Dragon Tree

About a month ago my new neighbour who lives behind me gave me this tree. It is called a Sapphire Dragon Tree. It was just a stick when I planted it and after a few weeks it began to grow the most amazing leaves.

This tree originates in China and grow 10 feet in its first year and 25 feet by it's third year. It has the most amazing blue flowers and is deciduous. The leaves once grown are huge.

I have been amazed at the growth in the last two weeks and have decided to try and take a weekly picture. Hopefully, the deer, roos, wombats and wallaby's, oh and the resident fat goose Reggie Bird won't eat it.

I have taken one photo with my finger in the image so you can compare the size.

Wish me luck in growing my monster plant.

Here are some links.

and an Aussie site

and another

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Paula said...

WOW what a beautiful tree that will be once fully grown. Beautiful bright blue flowers :)