Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kasey The Kitty

Thought I would share a picture of our kitty Kasey. This is her idea of relaxing in the evening by the fire. She sits up against the fire guard. Maximum warmth maybe.

As yes you can count. She only has three legs.


Lynn said...

Kasey is sooo cute Dawn. She looks so relaxed :)

auntie rose said...

love the cat very fluffy thats what u should do relax by the fire xx

mum said...

she is very sweet kasy.
she gets around just fine with her 3 legs, I dont like cats, but I dont mind kasy.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Oh she is gorgeous DAWN!We have inherited my inlaws cat...and believe's a one - eyed whinging male cat with mangy, matted hair.....grrr..I hate it....wouldn't be so bad if it actually caught mice or earned its keep....LOL!

Beverly said...

Kasey is beautiful! She belongs with you--an overcomer!

I just finished catching up with your blog. So sorry that you are having some symptoms from the treatment and one day at a time! You can do this!

Thanks for sharing the pictures...I remember my shower experience when I lost my hair. It was pretty traumatic--I got dizzy and laid down in the tub--even though I did not think losing my hair would bother me. In theory, it doesn't, but there is something about it actually falling out!

Take care and hang in there!


kirsty said...

hiya dawn ur cat kasey looks really fluffy and cute thats what you should to do relax by the fire to keep yourself warm luv ya all .xxxx

Paula said...

What a life old Tripod has!!! What more could a feline ask LOL She knows I love her :)