Sunday, September 24, 2006

Our Weekend


auntie rose said...

it looks a fantastic place wish we had managed to come down there when we was over in oz last year but u never know we might be back to visit you ,,so watch out ,,mick and pete will drink all the bundy ,,,xxxx

Ann Lederhose said...

It looks like you have a gorgeous home Dawn!

mum said...

Looks good Dawn, you have done a lot more since we were there a few years ago.
you take it easy, and dont overdo things.
See you tomorrow at the airport.
arrive at 9 40, we will have to go and have lunch.
I am getting up at 3 00 in the morning, then 2 hours down to brisbane,then have to be at the airport 1 hour before my flight goes.
see you tomorrow Kady and Leah.
hope I will be able to find you all rugged up in snow coats and boots, and gloves.

uncle pete said...

hi dawn...looks great ,but..... there is one thing missing, a giant ornamental japanese style pond that would make it just perfect he he he

jody said...

wow dawn,your place looks just amazing,we are lucky enough(not) to be boxed in by

Jodene said...

Dawn your home looks like such a beautiful and peaceful place to live! I wanna come there! lol
Your gardens look beautiful and I can see that you put so much work and TLC into it.

((( hugs )))