Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Finally An Update

Well I haven't updated in a while. Chemo knocked me down for a bit but I am starting to feel good again. Still battling a few mouth and throat ulcers, and thrush in the mouth from the chemo. I had these side effects the first time and now the second (also suffered tummy issues both times too, sorry if it's too much info) so it looks like I am prone to getting them each time. When I am feeling sick from the chemo I'm not too good with the mouth washes etc to prevent the side effects occuring. I hate the taste and the smell when I am feeling nauseous. I have enough troubling eating a few crackers each day let alone gargling foul tasting stuff.

Saturday I began to feel half good again and by Sunday I was feeling ready to face the world and get out of the house. We went for a drive and went to Woodend Farmers Market, Trentham for lunch by the lake ( I had a lovely chicken and salad roll. After not eating much for days I crave good food) Daylesford and stopped by The Chocolate Mill (the best chocolates yummo, pity they are so expensive)and finished off exploring Glenlyon and surrounding areas and then headed home. It was a lovely warm day and so nice to get out in the fresh air.

Monday, great weather again, Jason had an RDO and we pottered around doing bits and pieces inside and outside. Leah and I gave the cubby a good clean. Lots of cobwebs over winter. Leah has decided she wants to play in the cubby again and make it a clubhouse. We did some gardening (with a bit of rain and sun recently the weeds are popping up everywhere)and finally planted a couple of wisteria for the arbor. Mantaining over an acre of garden beds is time consuming. Everything battles the lack of rain, cold winters, hot summers, lack of water and the cockatoos here. We don't have too many problems with the kangaroos, wallabies or wombats (the wombats love the aggies and anything tubourous).

Tuesday was another day of fantastic weather. It seems after the chemo effects begin to wear off I get an abundance of energy. Something to do with the steroids maybe. Jason worked half an day on paperwork from home before heading into the building site. I decided to paint the cubby with some leftover army green paint we have. Just need to finish off some of the high bits where I needed a ladder for (ladder was at work with Jason).Tuesday reached over 30 degrees in Melbourne. Not bad for the start of spring. Last night we had a few hours of rain. We need rain so badly to fill the tanks before summer. Although the grass is green the soil is so dry.

Today is a little cooler. I am still battling the sore throat, barking chesty cough (yes the same one from a few weeks ago) so we have taken it easy today. This morning we watched the memorial tribute to Steve Irvin. It was very touching and Kady and I cried. Little Bindi did an amazing job with her speech.

MIL and FIL dropped by today and bought me a lovely creamy yellow climbing rose to go on my arbor. Nov it's nearly time to start dinner. Chicken schnitzels and lots of veggies on the menu tonight.

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone has left.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you are starting to feel better again and have been able to enjoy the outdoors. Not so nice to hear about the side effects that you have to endure.
Take care and don't go overdoing things.

auntie rose said...

glad u are feeling a bit better love reading your page i look forward to reading al your new news .xxxx

mum said...

it is good that you are feeling a bit better, and the sun came out to 30degs.
Hope that it will stay while I am down there.
It is so funny, I cant stand the cold, yet I was born and bred in the uk untill I was 24 years old.
When summmer comes in Toowoomba, I look for the nearest shade, and have the aircon on 24/7.
Think it must be the thyroid that changes your body themastat.
After having it for 15 years you would think that it would stay level but it does not.
For a few months it goes ok on the tablets and then I have to decrease them, then I have t0 increase them.
Funny things that the body does to you lol.
Looking forward to my 2 weeks holiday have not had a holiday for 14 months, and only had 2 sick days off this year,after working 7 days in a row all lates, or 7 earlies, I think you start to burn out.

mick said...

glad you are feeling better dawn...i think of you every day hoping time goes quickly for you and you get better. keep drinking the pommy tea, that will get you going even if it is to the loo he he

Anonymous said...

good to hear you're getting there Dawn!
enjoy your garden!
enjoy the sun!
enjoy your schnitzels!


Lynn said...

I'm so happy to read your update Dawn. I was starting to get worried when you didn't post for a few days.
The side effects of the chemo sound horrible but I am SO HAPPY that you managed to get out and about. Reading that put a huge smile on my face :)
Love Lynn

Paula said...

Good to hear you're feeling better and full of energy. What a bugger it knocks you for six each time though!

Take care