Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bald As A Badger - Well Almost

Yesterday morning I awoke with what resembled a full head of clipped hair. My hair had been falling out all week but was still looking pretty good. Well that was until I had a shower last night. Let's just say I looked like a moulting dog by the end of my shower. More hair was blocking the plug hole than left on my head. I couldn't stand it, hair was falling on my collar, down my back etc.

I got out of the shower and asked Jason to shave my head. Kady took photos whilst Leah looked on telling me how weird I looked lol. Quite monk like don't you agree. I still have fine stubble over most of my head and yes it is freezing. I have decided I don't like the bandana's as they just don't seem to fit right. I hope I get used to them. Might have too look for some cool caps etc. I need something soft.

Still fighting a bad throat and cold. Doctor has put me on antibiotics. I am hoping my white blood cells are up by tomorrow and chemo will still go ahead on Tuesday. After Tuesday I will be 1/3 (2 down 4 to go) of my way through the chemo side of things. Wish me luck that they will let me go ahead with it even if I am still feeling sick. (ahhh hate the double chin oh and the pics in the bathroom are all my own macro photos from our garden).


Anonymous said...

trying again !
Dawn your smile gives me strengh.
beautiful smile you have.
hope the sore throat get better quick.
hugs and kisses

Jodii said...

you do bald very well dawn. I think it looks fab. Hope your throat gets better soon

Erica said...

Hi Dawn,
Sorry to hear about your throat, hope that you get some rest and are feeling better tomorrow, so that your chemo can go ahead as planned. You must be feeling pretty cold today, wonderful to see you smile through it all.

the clarks said...

hope you feel better soon Dawn and bald suits you :)

Nicole Chin said...

Dawn I hope you are feeling better for the next round of chemo. hugs Nic C

auntie rose said...

u have got a fantastic smile xxx

mick said...

for once dawn im lost for words, you are so brave,you keep smiling you bring tears to my eyes.i hope your throat gets better from us all in uckfield xxxx

mum said...

I am so sad, crying while I type this, you still look to good to me.
I have got your sore throat,must be feeling your emotions.
Hope that it goes away by tomorrow, you are one very brave lady, you can always put the cat on your
Keep Smiling.
Keep Shining.
You can always count on me.
Thats what mums are for.
I love you Dawn.

Beck Family said...

Dawn, you have a great head!!! I think you look terrific bald. I had a hard time shaving my head, but it's not so bad now. I kind of like the lack of blow drying and washing it in the shower. It makes it easy to get up and go in the morning. Sorry to hear about you feeling under the weather. I hope the chemo can still go on as planned. Thank you for all of your support over the past couple of days. Love Ya...VAL Beck

jody said...

dawn,you look ab fab darl,i hope your throat gets better quickly
take care

Lyn Dwyer said...

Dawn.............what double chin? look great Dawn....BALD is BEAUTIFUL!
Hope all goes well for you tomorrow!

Paula said...

Bugger that you're not feeling well, I hope all still goes ahead for you and the treatment continue uninteruppted. You look so different, but so happy LOL. It's def. going to take a bit of getting used to :-P

Kirsty said...

your smile is so fantastic .x hope your throat gets better luv u all .xxx

Shazz said...

who notices bald with a smile as stunning as your dawn....not me!!!!
and all credit to you girl, being able to smile through your trials - keep it up.

take care

p.s. did you get my email....i would still love to send you a hat.

cassim said...

dawn you still look great you can now compare you blad head with ash and eddie!! at least it will grow back
stay strong
our thoughts are with you, jason and the girls
love always
cassi and ash

lusi said...

you look beautiful
Lusi x

Lynn said...

Hi Dawn
I hope your throat and cold gets better soon. Kady is a great photographer, the photos are lovely. I'm so glad you are posting them so we can follow you on your journey (and be there if you need anything.) I hope this doesn't sound weird but you have a great shaped head LOL Seriously, you do. You look beautiful girl, your smile is beautiful, your heart is beautiful, your bald head is beautiful, your spirit is are beautiful.
Love Lynn

Coby said...

Dawn, baldness does not diminish your beauty or spirit. You are an amazing and inspiring woman.

Love Coby xxx

Jodene said...

Hi Dawn
You do bald very well, you have a perfectly shaped head!
I hope that you are feeling better.
((( hugs )))