Monday, June 06, 2011

King Parrots

This morning I received a visit from these guys. You may remember when I first posted about them way back on the day before my surgery for breast cancer

These birds appeared a few days before every chemo (no other time) and then everytime I have had a scare or a major oncology appointment. The last time they visited was November last year when I had a scare and had a series of mammograms.

I don't have an appointment at oncology for two weeks so they are a little early. We don't have any King Parrots in the area so they always surprise me when they fly onto the verandah especially when it can go six months or more between visits.

This morning Mum had a hysterectomy. Wishing mum all the best and hoping she isn't in too much pain over the coming weeks. Donna picked up some magazines, chocolate and scratchies and put them in a gift bag from us. Thanks Donna.

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