Monday, June 20, 2011

A Cold Week Ahead

It's blowing a gale here today. The poor gum trees are bending in half. Snow is predicted over the next few days.

MONDAY 20/6/11. (High wind strength warning) Cloudy with areas of drizzle and hill mist tending to showers/rainy spells through the day and at night, some heavy falls likely, strengthening north winds shifting west or southwest tonight, a few severe wind gusts likely later Monday and overnight into Tuesday....MIN TEMPS 5 to 6°C MAX TEMPS 7 to 9°C

TUESDAY 21/6/11...A farmers' and gardeners' cold weather warning) (A road ice warning is issued for the higher Central hills later Tuesday and overnight into Wednesday) Cloudy with showers occasionally frequent, showers turning to hail and sleet at times with snow showers likely through the day and at night, Squally northwest or west winds in the morning shifting more southwest later) High wind chill developing, increasing risk of road ice overnight into Wednesday. MIN TEMPS 1 to 3°C MAX TEMPS 3 to 5°C

WEDNESDAY 22/6/11. ( A COLD WEATHER WARNING IS ISSUED)...( A ROAD ICE WARNING IS ISSUED) Cold and cloudy with showers and strong southwest winds moderating later, showers falling as hail/sleet and snow (snow showers most likely early), patchy road ice a risk in the morning. MIN TEMPS -2 to 0°C MAX TEMPS 4 to 6°C

THURSDAY 23/6/11: Cold and cloudy with southwest or west winds, occasional showers and drizzle patchy hill mist. MIN TEMPS 1 to 3°C MAX TEMPS 5 to 7°C

FRIDAY 24/6/11: Cold and cloudy with northwest or west winds, occasional drizzle or light showers. MIN TEMPS 2 to 4°C MAX TEMPS 7 to 9°C

SATURDAY 25/6/11: Rather cold and partly cloudy with patchy drizzle, a few sunny intervals later, northwest or west winds. MIN TEMPS 2 to 4°C MAX TEMPS 8 to 10°C

SUNDAY 26/6/11: Areas of low cloud or mist in the morning then partly cloudy with a risk of some drizzle, northwest winds tending more northerly. MIN TEMPS 2 to 4°C MAX TEMPS 8 to 10°C.

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