Monday, May 30, 2011

Dad's Visit

Day two of Dad's visit we started the day off with a cooked breakie on the bbq followed by a drive down to O'briens crossing and then onto an area where we found a miners hut not long ago. After a walk down towards the river we found the hut and had a good look around.

Leah has taken over the use of the video camera lately. She loves recording everything.

The miners hut. A more modern one with lots of metal but it still has the clay and stone walls. It looks like the roof was added after maybe the orignal has fallen in.

The river is at the base of this hill. A steep climb down.

Dad checking out the hut.

Exploring around the mines and diggings.

Kady and Leah. The forest is thriving after all the summer rain.

We left the forest and grabbed some chips for lunch and headed home to watch Tim McGraws movie. It wasn't too bad but a little slow in places. We listed to some music dvd's whilst I cooked some chicken parmigiana's, potatoes and veg for dinner.

Dad left early hours the next morning and headed home on the long drive back to Queensland. He stayed the night in Narrabri and got home about 8 o'clock the following morning. It was so nice to catch up with Dad.

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